2 Bed Property in South West Sydney.

Property prices have taken a bit of a downward turn in many Sydney suburbs.


For investors who have played their cards right, the slowdown hasn’t caused any drama.


But, take this 2 bedroom property in south west Sydney, for example.


We purchased it for a client about three and a half years ago.


Low risk investing can really pay off.

 This property was purchased for just $270,000.


When this video was filmed, in August 2018, the comparable sales for this property are between $430,000 to $470,000.


That’s a capital gain of around $200,000 after just three and a half years. Not bad when you consider the state of the current market compared with the growing heat of the 2015 market.


It has all the fundamentals.

The property brings in about $360 rent each week which is a strong, neutral cash flow. It is in a Sydney location with upside for growth.


It was a good foundation property at the time of purchase and has remained so during the recent slowdown.


Taking advantage of the current market.

While this property was a good purchase back in 2015, it may not be the best purchase now. We aren’t saying it’s not a good property – it’s just that there are other locations where you may get better bang for your buck.


Good investing is all about evolving with the market you find yourself in.


Which is why thorough research is essential to success.


Have you purchased a property that has retained good value during the slowdown? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


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