3 Bedroom Townhouse Complex – Gold Coast.


This three-bedroom townhouse delivered 15-20% capital growth in just one year – which goes to show that even in the current market there are good gains to be had.


The property ticks all the boxes.

It was purchased for $300,000 in August 2017.


Eighteen months later, comparable sales are between $340,000 and $370,000.


It also rents for $400 a week – giving it a strong cashflow on top of its good capital growth.


Knowing where to buy.

Identifying which market will take off next isn’t always easy.


But, if you follow the fundamentals as to what drives a market, you will have a better chance at spotting good opportunities when they come up.


What market is this property in?

The townhouse is on Queensland’s Gold Coast – an area that hasn’t really boomed like Sydney or Melbourne have in recent years.


In fact, according to Nathan, many Gold Coast properties are still at GFC prices. It hasn’t been a hot market over the last five years or so, however, Nathan has seen things start to heat up coming into 2018.


He has also seen more migration into these undervalued areas.


He says, the Gold Coast has a good upside for capital growth because it has been undervalued for so long.


This property is a good example of opportunities that still out there in the current market – properties that are affordable, are going up in price over the short term and have a good rental income attached.


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