Adversity Is The Fuel For Greatness

Highly successful people usually have a trait or two in common. One of them is the way they deal with challenges, adversity, setbacks and even failure.

Usually when a hurdle comes along, someone with a mindset for success will respond by rising to the challenge, whereas someone with the opposite mindset might start kicking a can down the street, thinking “here we go again, nothing good ever happens to me”.

The rich v poor mindset

You don’t have to come from money to have a rich mindset. The mindset of the rich is understanding that hard work, perseverance and bright ideas can pay off in the long term. The reward may take some time, but you’ll get there eventually and when you do, it will be worth it.

The poor mindset sees success as a way out of work, but quickly becomes discouraged if success is not instant.

Failure as a lesson

Many of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs and investors have histories littered with failed ventures and setbacks, but they never stop at one. They are driven to succeed.

They might say, “I have given it a good crack, it hasn’t worked for a reason, but I’ve got the passion and the will and I trust that things will get better because of this”.

So instead of losing heart, they lean in and think about what they can learn from the free lesson they have just been dealt.

But if you’re like most people, it’s natural to have doubts, so how do you stay focused and pick yourself up when things don’t go your way?

Work hard for the money

One major trait of the super successful is a strong work ethic. They might wish to get to a place one day where they don’t have to work as hard but in order to do this they must first dig deep.

The great inventors, start-up gurus and investors never do anything by halves. They go all in. Maybe that’s why Warren Buffett is still the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway at 91 years of age.

When opportunity knocks, successful people answer the door, no matter if it’s their day off or the long weekend.

Evolving the measure of success

People who have sustained success in life can adapt their end goals as they learn more about themselves. When you’re young and don’t have a family, you might be motivated to earn big money so you can travel, or have the best car or house.

If you come from a tough background, you might be seeking security through success, or through education.

Others may want to change the world, or change the way something is done, or thought about. That way they leave a legacy. Steve Jobs, for example, changed the way we looked at computers and phones and laid the foundation for a legacy that has continued after his death and will do so for a very long time to come.

Others may just want to have a great lifestyle and provide the same for their loved ones.

See from a different view

Rather than being completely focused on themselves and how rich or successful they want to be, many great thinkers try to understand something from another’s perspective. That way they can improve experiences and fix problems for a world of people, and that makes their success guaranteed.

If you want to build a business, look at your potential customers. How can you make their experiences better? How can you give them what they need?

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