Biggest Finance Wins of 2020

I want to talk about our four biggest wins in finance up to May 2020.

Situations where we have been able to help our investors with their debt strategies in order to build wealth through property investing and get ahead with the right finance.

First timer turns flyer

My first one is a guy who bought his first property and settled in February, pulled out $60,000 in equity in May and used that to buy his second property.

He has now saved up a deposit for a third.

This showed it’s not always just about the deals, but also understanding how finance works and making sure you’ve got the right vehicle to get to where you want to be.

Success against the tide

Our second win is a client that went from having six properties last year to repositioning their debt, reducing expenses, improving cash flow and pulling out equity to expand their portfolio by 11 more properties in the last six months.

It shows you can still build those portfolios in any kind of market.

Structuring the equity correctly is crucial, because bank’s backend policies when doing servicing on the debt are different and some won’t allow you to pull out all the equity all the time.

Dream quarter

Our third win is a person who bought their first two properties in March and pulled out equity within a week of settlement of the first property to buy a third and fourth.

While everyone else was putting a mask on for coronavirus, these investors were financing their dreams and building large asset positions by structuring their debt correctly and purchasing the right assets.

Their overall debt position is just over $100,000, with three capital city assets and one regional asset.

It doesn’t take massive debt to build a property portfolio.

The structuring of the asset is as important as the debt attached.

Seasoned campaigner

My fourth investor has a double digit property portfolio and was able to save $40,000 per year on interest by refinancing and restructuring his debt. The loan facilities set up for him have enabled him to be able to sell off some assets and retain that debt. He can save on interest and pay down more principal if he wishes to. The different between saving $40, $50 and $100,000 per year could actually be the difference between working 9-5 or quitting your job.

Ask yourself

What have you done to your portfolio in the last three months to improve your position? How have you structured yourself to improve? What enhancements have you made in the last 12 months?
You might live life on your terms, but without making any changes to your portfolio you’re just sitting there with assets and you’ve become a “property collector”. What can you do to improve? What would you like to do? And finally, how can we help you?

Are You Our Next Success Story?