B Invested

b Invested 12th Birthday – looking back at the past 12 years

A lot has changed over the past 12 years, but some things always stay the same.
On b Invested’s 12th birthday, we take a look back at what the business and founder Nathan Birch have been able to achieve.

Pioneering buyer’s agency

Twelve years ago, buyer’s agencies weren’t a common thing. In fact, there were only a couple in Australia and they were just starting out.
Nowadays, people seek them out regularly and are well versed in the concept of paying a fee for someone to help source them an investment property.
Nathan says he is proud to have led the way in getting buyer’s agencies up and running in Australia.
“I started Binvested and helped a few people and then found there was more and more demand for it,” Nathan said. “You never saw people talking about buying 10 properties or 20 properties before then.”

Thousands of properties purchased

In a dozen years, b Invested has helped with more than 15,000 property transactions…that’s more than 1000 a year, spanning across various stages of property market cycles.
There are now around 18,000 Australians with six or more investment properties and b Invested has helped 50% of those in some capacity; whether it has been with purchasing, education or advice.

We’ve grown big time

There are now more than 100 staff at b Invested and its group of companies.
Being an extremely motivated property investor, Nathan Birch was able to identify what he needed from various pieces of the investment puzzle to get to where he wanted to be. Whether it was the right mortgage brokers, financial advice, accountants, legal advice and so on.

He therefore founded a number of businesses in order to establish a shared services model.

Some of these included:

– Blink Property; a property management firm focused on property asset management… the adding of rental and capital value to properties, rather than just drawing a fee from landlords;

– Zinger Finance; a mortgage broking firm focused on getting deals that allow mainly property investors to pull out equity as soon as possible to be used for new property investments, rather than trying to keep them locked in to loans for two years like many brokers do;

– One Path Accountants; an accountancy focused on the needs of property investors rather than looking to spruik trusts or products that bolster their own commissions;

– Zenith Legal- A law firm specialising in property law, with a lawyer that Nathan has found to be the best in the business and his own team of likeminded professionals;

– Property Investment Agents – a buyer’s agency;

– Beducated – For education products, seminars and so on;

– Birch Hotel Group – recently founded for the acquisition of hotels, motels and retreats; and

– My Property Tracker; a bookkeeping service that allows for the storage and instant access of receipts and expenses into a neat package for tax time.

Our client success stories

As mentioned earlier, b Invested has helped thousands of clients and there are so many success stories that stand out.

To mention just a few of Nathan’s favourites:

1. One investor spoke to Nathan for the first time in December 2020 and had not started investing yet. He has since accumulated 14 properties in 3 months. Nathan rates him as just about his best client yet.

“He said yes, took action, had clarity and wasn’t scared to make decisions.”

2. One of Nathan’s long serving colleagues has accumulated 20 properties with his help and was able to secure a large dream home as an owner-occupier. Now Nathan is helping her with her goal to retire in the next five years.

3. A woman last year came to Nathan with zero properties and $70,000 in savings. He helped her buy 2 properties in Qld, quickly withdraw equity, bought 2 more in WA, pulled out more equity and kept buying in Qld and Sydney. She is now in the process of purchasing property number 7, which will enable her to pull out equity for deposits on properties 8 and 9… all in less than a year and from starting with $70,000.

What changes and what never does?

Everything has changed dramatically in the last 12 years…the markets, the economy, people’s jobs and their income, but in the middle of all this there are fundamentals that always remain the same.

“Buy below market value, with an upside for growth and strong cashflow. Those are the three main points,” Nathan said. “And you still need a clear strategy, you need to stay aligned with your goals, you still need to hustle, even if you’ve got 10 properties.”

Nathan is also proud of the way he has evolved as a person.
“I’m humbled to have been able to help people, to have all these staff now and maintaining the business, managing and minimizing risk,” he said. “I started a business in the GFC in 2009, quitting my six figure salary job. Since then we’ve been through a big growth cycle, a recession, depression and so on. We’ve grown through every part of the market as a business.”