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MAP Your Property Investing Strategies Right, from the Start… 

Attend one of our popular group MAP strategy sessions and get the support you need, to assure your investing strategies are geared right, for success. 

Because you can learn all you want about property investing. But there comes a time when you need to put the pedal to the metal, and actually INVEST. And if you’ve jumped the gun and are stuck financially, then this is perfect for you too. The risk to make costly and silly mistakes: is… (very) real. And you’re guaranteed to make them, unless you know without a doubt what it is you should be doing, and what you should avoid, no matter what. THAT and much more will be revealed to you at our next group MAP Session. 

What exactly is a group MAP session? 

A group Map session is a 2-hour live event, with a small group of other investors and Daniel Young, Binvested’s young property gun. Daniel built his freedom lifestyle in just 5 years, with over 70 properties in his portfolio. 

Why this? 

It’s simple really. By now you’ve (hopefully) read our e-Book and done your own research into property investing. And that’s great. Kudos to you for learning… for dreaming bigger than the average Australian, who lives and dies by the rules of the status quo — and sadly, forfeits his and her dreams for a false sense of safety and security. But you’re not one of them. You dream bigger. You want more… like showing your boss where to stick it… and living life on your terms, with a freedom lifestyle. The thing is…

You need lots of money to live life on your terms! 

And unless you earn hundreds of thousands of dollars, you’ll never even get close to doing that. To be financially free you need millions in equity. It’s the only way to assure you stay financially afloat in an economy where paper money (currency) loses it's worth every year. 

Let me ask you this: what is safe about having a job you could lose tomorrow… when HQ makes the decision to cut another 500 jobs from the company, to save money? Nothing is safe about employment. And nothing is safe in the real estate investment game. 

The only thing you have with the latter is a chance of making your dreams a reality. And when you arm yourself with the (right) knowledge and strategies from the start, you stand a REAL chance of becoming the next success story. You cannot do that with a job, unless you’re the CEO of Google. And even that comes with plenty of heartache and problems. 

The truth is… 

Financial freedom takes hard work. Jobs do too! 

The question is: what’s it going to be for you? 

  • A life lived in fear from the next job cut? 
  • Working for a boss you hate, in a job that is no longer fun?
  • Working 60+ hours a week for a crappy payday?
  • Feeling like you are going around and around in a hamster wheel and never really getting anywhere financially?
  • Or are you as serious about property investing as we are about teaching you?  

Consider this your invitation to get the last pieces of the property puzzle, and walk away with the clarity and steps you need to do property investing right!

Here’s what you can look forward to: 

  •  Ask Daniel Young your burning questions in order to get personalised feedback on your particular situation, from the guy who built his amazing property portfolio of over 70 properties in just 5 years!
  •  Learn from an experienced investor who shares his hottest techniques and strategies — stuff that is working NOW, not yesterday!
  •  Gain crystal clarity on your next steps — Daniel will talk about the foundations you need to set up in order to create a high performing property portfolio so you can reach your goals. This alone is priceless!
  •  Avoid common, silly mistakes by learning from the others in the room.
  •  Be supported in a small and intimate group setting, to assure everyone’s privacy.  

When? Next available MAP Sessions are:

* Please note: If there isn't a date and time below that suits you then give our team a call on 1300 367 925 to find out when the next available ones are. 

  • In Person MAP session: Mon 19/6 - 12pm (ALMOST FULL)  
  • In Person MAP session: Mon 20/6 - 6pm (ALMOST FULL)  
  • In Person MAP session: Mon 26/6 - 12pm (ALMOST FULL)  
  • Online MAP session: Tue 27/6 - 6pm  
  • In Person MAP session: Tue 4/7 - 12pm (FULL)  
  • In Person MAP session: Tue 4/7 - 6pm  
  • In Person MAP session: Tue 10/7 - 6pm (FULL)  
  • In Person MAP session: Tue 11/7 - 12pm

Further sessions to be announced. 


Suite 203, 7-9 Irvine Place, 

Bella Vista (Norwest) NSW 2153

Or online via webinar (for those who are unable to make it to the Binvested headquarters)

Cancellation Policy 

You may reschedule your MAP Session if something comes up. If you change your mind you can receive a full refund if you provide atleast 48 hours notice. Read the full refund policy here

Do I need this, really? 

We believe you do! 

There’s no two ways about it. 

What you’ve tried before has only gotten you to HERE. But for some reason you persisted… you kept learning… dreaming… maybe even investing. 

Unless you’ve built a successful property portfolio that allows you to live life on your terms you DO NEED a group MAP session with Daniel. It’s a simple as that. 

As for the investment? It’s a no-brainer, really. What is $299 when you can learn how to avoid costly and silly mistakes that can go into the tens- and hundreds of thousands dollars? 


"I have entered with an open mind and have undergone an attitude adjustment."

"After arriving to find a packed out room for our MAP session my wife and I could not be seated together. This was a surprise initially but when our 2 hours was over it was quite a fitting start to a professional but “no bullshit” approach offered by Daniel. He swept through the room in a somewhat confrontational manner in order to bring out the common mistakes and misconceptions from property investors in a variety of situations. I have entered with an open mind and have undergone an attitude adjustment. I now look forward to working with people who value my time and their own, who can cleanse my mistakes of the past and put me on a solid path forward.” 

– Regards, Graham Short

“My MAP session with Daniel Young was highly informative and useful. I attended my session with four other people Rama, Troy, Roby & Bob where everyone had a different level of maturity and knowledge in property investment which gave us an advantage of discussing various issues, ideas and myths about the market. I was very impressed with Daniels knowledge and professionalism as he didn’t waste any time from 1 minute and was right on the spot. I also noticed it's not like any other seminar where people try to sell, it was all business and no obligations to use any of their services. I was thrilled with the professional, straight to the point and courteous attitude of each member of the Binvested team, namely Daniel, Linda & Ash. I’m very excited to start my journey with the Binvested team not just in terms of my property portfolio but also to gain more knowledge. I have already received information on how to proceed and Linda has made it very simple by organizing my meetings with the team( accountants, legal, financial planner, brokers etc. ) and I can’t believe how streamlined the process has been. I’m very excited to start my journey and thanks Binvested for sharing the knowledge and love.” 

– Cheers,Ashish

"'s not like any other seminar where people try to sell, it was all business and no obligations to use any of their services."

"I am now clear on my goals and the steps needed to get there."

“Since first reaching out to Binvested they have been nothing but amazing! As I am brand new to property investing, I had a lot of fear around where to start. After much research and watching lots of Nathan’s You Tube videos, I finally decided to take action and sign up for a Map session with Daniel. I found the group Map beneficial, as there are people at all different stages of their investing journeys, asking questions I wouldn’t have thought of, seeking Daniel’s invaluable knowledge based on his own first-hand experience.Daniel’s positive attitude and energy are inspiring. His approach is professional, honest and to the point, definitely helping to give me the kick start I needed! I am now clear on my goals and the steps needed to get there. I am excited to start my investing journey! Thank you!!” 

– Kate

We may be a little crazy… and a little unconventional, but when it comes to our financial freedom we NEVER play stupid games! 

Find out for yourself. It’s your life and your call. We’d love to show you how to follow in our footsteps. 

Keep on dreaming! 

You CAN live life on your terms and we’re proof that anything is possible… when you dream big, work hard, and invest smart. 

See you there. 

Nathan & Daniel 

And Your Binvested Team 

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