This is how you can get $100,000’s off brand new properties!

It’s taken months of hard work behind the scenes, but we’re excited to finally introduce our bulk deals – deals that could make you a lot of money!

Bulk deals – what are they? 

By using group buying power, we’re giving our investors access to brand new properties at wholesale prices! That’s hundreds of thousands of dollars less than the retail value you would pay on the open market.

How is this possible? 

We’ve found ways to create win-win situations. We do the developers and builders a favour, meaning our investors get access to heavily discounted properties.

What’s the catch? 

There’s no catch. We’ve just taken property buying back to basics, without any frills.

We are cutting out the glossy brochures, salesmen and fancy display centres so that all you pay for is the property, at a wholesale price.

What are the benefits of bulk deals? 

You can buy a brand new property in a blue chip location for $100,000’s less than retail prices.

You don’t need to wait years and years for your property to return a chunk of profit or equity. Instead, the profit is built right into the deal.

You can use this equity or cash to pay down debt elsewhere or buy more cash cow properties for your portfolio.

What are the properties like? 

We have access to many different types of property developments including: land releases, family homes and apartments.

Some of these give you the freedom to choose your own floorplan and finishes, making them great for home buyers.

               Get your dream home at wholesale prices with Binvested    House and Land packages available at wholesale prices with Binvested     Build your property portfolio with Binvested

Others are already in the process of being built and nearing completion, meaning they are great for investors who want to move rent paying tenants in.

The majority of these projects are located across Greater Western Sydney in the growth belts.

Here’s the proof

Those who know us understand that we are all about getting results. We are highly allergic to bullshit, so we won’t feed you any.

We know that property investment is not a get rich quick scheme, however if done right, it can be very rewarding. It can grow wealth and give you the freedom to live life on your terms, so you don’t have to slave away on the financial rat wheel until life has passed you by.

Here are some real life examples of deals purchased in the last 12 months. 

4 Bedroom house & garage in Riverstone, Sydney

Land: $350,000 ($600,000 comparable sales)

Build: $250,000

Total: $600,000

Market Value: $850,000

Profit: $250,000 + in 12 months

Pair of 4 bedroom duplexes & garage in Kellyville, Sydney

Land: $620,000 (comparable sales $900,000)

Build: $600,000

Total: $1.2 million ($600,000 per dwelling)

Market Value: $2,200,000+ ( $1,100,000+ per dwelling)

Profit: $1 million + in 12 months

These deals are not available on the open market! 

Imagine if it was your name on one of these deals? How would 2017 look for you?

These are just some examples of the kinds of deals we have given our investors access to. There are many more in the pipeline, and they are only available through our network.

Want to know more?

Let us know some more about yourself and what you’re after so that we can tell you more. By registering your interest, you’ll get exclusive access to these deals when they become available.

Who Are We? 

Binvested is Australia’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors, BUT we are not your average, normal property investment company (in case you haven’t noticed!).

We specialise in helping you get into your first home or build an investment portfolio that is in line with your long term goals.

Our promise to you is;

No bullshit. No ‘spruiking’. Just 100% focus on your investment property success!

Our Founders

Nathan Birch & Daniel Young - two of Australia's most successful property investors!
If either of the guys above look familiar it’s because everyone is talking about them right now.

Nathan Birch (left) and Daniel Young (right) are the founders of Binvested, but this is really just their side gig because they have actually been able to retire through property investment.

Nathan started investing at age 18, now at 31 has a $50 million property portfolio ($30 million net worth) and a $2 million passive income pa. Nice!

Daniel built his portfolio in half the time it took Nathan. Within just 5 years he went from 0 to 70+ investment properties and generated over $10 million in net worth through property.

Both Nathan and Daniel were average guys in Sydney who managed to break free from the matrix and live life on their terms. Clearly, these guys know a thing or two which might help you too.

Look who’s been talking about us …