How Anthony Overcame His Fear Of Debt To Make $700,000 In Just 2 Years

“Today the entire property portfolio is sitting on around $2.5 million and the equity on that is worth around $700,000.”

Anthony Picard. Sydney, Australia

The Results

B Invested

Key Stats

Anthony Picard, 36, Product Management
Starting savings: $4,000
Starting equity: $100,000 (equity from previous property)


B Invested

Key Achievements with b Invested

Number of properties with b Invested: 7

Current b Invested property total worth: $2.5 million

Current b Invested property net worth: $700,000

Current b Invested property rental income: $2,500 per week

Current b Invested property mortgage repayments: $1,500 per week

Duration with b Invested: 2 years

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The Journey

Anthony’s Story


Anthony Picard grew up as a child of Vietnamese migrants in Sydney. His parents were very conscious with money. “I grew up learning how to respect money and to not throw it away frivolously”.


Having built up savings from the time that he began working as a product manager, Anthony decided that he wanted to invest his money in something that would bring him a long-term financial gain. “I definitely didn’t want to take that money and blow it on a nice car or an overseas holiday or anything like that”.


Anthony bought his first property when he was in his mid-twenties. “I bought one property and then went back to my routine of working and saving and I just didn’t really think about it for too long”.


The property doubled in value over 10 years. At the time he thought he was doing well, but now he sees he missed so many opportunities.


Initially, he did not invest the equity in another property because of his fear of debt, something he now regrets. He believes that he was over-analytical during this time with analysis paralysis. “It is almost like a bank account, and you don’t want to dip into it to buy anything because you always feel that there are risks involved with taking that money out”.


Then two years ago, Anthony came across b Invested through watching YouTube videos. He says that the b Invested videos spurred him on to take action, so he decided to make contact and book a MAP session. “I watched them again and again and again, so much so that I could almost repeat them word for word and it all struck true because I had done previous research before that”.


Having met with the team, Anthony knew that he had to put aside his doubts. He decided it was the right time to invest. “I realised that there was a benefit of making sacrifices and taking sensible, calculated risks now” he says.


During his first year with b Invested, Anthony purchased five properties. His first property was purchased for $250,000, which was $20,000 under market value. The house is now valued at $400,000. “The first one was through equity and a little bit of savings and that helped to buy the second one”. He was then able to use the equity growth from his two properties to purchase three more by the end of 2015.


Anthony repeated this process and brought his property portfolio with b Invested to seven by 2016. “The formula seems very simple, but it works”.


Anthony has been impressed by the support given to him by b Invested. “You have to constantly push yourself and these guys do that. They’re very proactive in that sense, but at the same time, they aren’t pushy and won’t try to sell you something”.


Whilst he is happy with his success, Anthony is not content to rest on his laurels and be left to rely on others in his retirement. “A million dollars now, I think is fantastic, but I don’t want to stop there, I want to keep going”.


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