How A Mum And Dad Made $1.9M In 4 Years, Plus $300K In Passive Income

"b Invested has been instrumental in changing our mindset. We now look at investment and living in a whole different way."

Melissa and Andrew Matheson. Sydney, Australia

The Results

B Invested

Key Stats

Melissa and Andrew Matheson
Starting savings: $50,000
Starting equity: $600,000

B Invested

Key Achievements with b Invested

Number of properties with b Invested: 18 properties
Current b Invested property net worth: $1.9 million
Current b Invested property rental income: $5,700 per week
Duration with b Invested: 4 years

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The Journey

Melissa And Andrew’s Story

Melissa and Andrew Matheson have always wanted to retire early and be financially free. They realized that investing in property would be a sensible way to achieve these financial goals.

In 2010, the Matheson’s upgraded their home. With a minimal mortgage and plenty of equity available, they knew they needed to maximise this opportunity.

After realizing they needed some guidance, they sought the help of b Invested. Their education during a MAP session transformed their views on wealth creation and property investment.

In order to achieve their goals of early retirement and financial freedom, they needed to shift their mindset.

“We became confident in Nathan’s method to finding properties under market value and all of the ideas he put forward to us”.

Not long after, b Invested found an ideal investment property in Western Sydney for the Mathesons. It was a rough diamond and very different from what they would have chosen themselves, but the numbers worked! It was $40,000 below market value and had heaps of renovation potential. Perfect!

Soon after they extracted their equity and bought again. They admit, “we went crazy in 2012” buying more properties, and continued to do so in 2013 and 2014, as their portfolio expanded rapidly to include 20 properties.

In 2015, they decided to sell two of the properties for a profit in order to balance their cash flow.

“Now, in the past four years, we’re looking back, reflecting on how much money was made (over $2m) because of the growth in the property market”.

Currently, they own 18 properties which have made a profit of $1.9 million in just 4 years.

They have taken a very hands-on approach to managing their properties. “It has been manageable; it’s just a matter of being organized. You could classify it, certainly, as a full-time job”.

The couple has some advice for people who want to begin their own journey in property investment. “Do your research, set financial goals, have a backup plan and make sure that you’ve got a slush fund”.

The Mathesons are very grateful to be working with b Invested, saying “One thing b Invested always said is to think of this as a business, and remove the emotion”.

“b Invested has been instrumental in changing our mindset, so we think differently about our finances and indeed our life in general. We now look at property investment and living in a whole different way”.

The Matheson’s feel property investment has had an incredible impact on their financial position, even when there have been unexpected costs in the past, such as replacing stoves and fixing roof leaks, these are more than manageable.

The ultimate financial goal for the Matheson’s is to retire in the next 5-10 years and live off the rental income from their properties. “The whole idea is to retire early and be financially free…there are so many opportunities out there that we still want to keep going”.

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