Entrepreneur Builds $4.2M+ In Property Wealth Within Just 3 Years

"These guys know what they are doing. At every step there’s someone to talk to and make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing."

Mitch Sanders. Sydney, Australia

The Results

B Invested

Key Stats

Mitch Sanders, 29, Internet Entrepreneur
Starting savings: $500,000
Starting equity: $500,000


B Invested

Key Achievements with b Invested

Number of properties with b Invested: 7 properties
Current b Invested property total worth: $4.2 million
Current b Invested property net worth: $2.5 million
Current b Invested property rental income: $2,950 per week
Current b Invested property mortgage repayments: $1,500 per week
Duration with b Invested: 3 years

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The Journey

Mitch’s Story

In 2009 Mitch Sanders quit his job in IT and was trying to build an internet business. “I didn’t really have a runway of capital to keep me going, so I spent 11 months living in my car because I couldn’t afford to pay for somewhere to live. I always had a jar of jam and peanut butter behind my seat and that’s how I lived because I didn’t know where the next meal was coming from”. He had also accumulated $90,000 in credit card debt during this time whilst pursuing his dream.

His fortunes started to improve. He says, “I got my business up to making $50 a day and then making $100 a day and then things started to grow exponentially”.

As his business began to grow in leaps and bounds, he worried that the internet marketing world could one day become fickle. He needed a secure base of wealth and steady income.

He invested in his first property, because he saw it as a firm investment. The first property Mitch bought outside of b Invested was located in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. After coming on board as a client with b Invested, he realised he could have bought 5 or 6 properties with the same amount of money.

Since then, he has completed a developing pair of duplexes in Western Sydney. The land and builder were secured below market value through b Invested.


Each duplex cost him just $500,000 and the comparable market value was over $1 million per duplex. This made Mitch a tidy $1 m of profit within 12 months.


Whilst looking for advice about how to make successful property investments, Mitch came across b Invested founder, Nathan Birch, at a social event in Sydney. Mitch was impressed by Nathan’s drive and his encouragement and became a b Invested client.

“I didn’t have the time, energy, skills or expertise to find winning properties. I started to seek out a buyers’ agency who could do it for me. I ended up speaking to Nathan and picking his brain that I realised he’s been doing this for a long time, and he gets real results for his clients”.

Mitch began by buying four “bread and butter properties” in his first year. The cost of these properties was between $180,000-$250,000 each. He was able to use equity from these properties to purchase two more.
This approach was in contrast to Mitch’s original mindset, as he had previously believed that buying high-end properties with large deposits was best, however, b Invested showed him better ways to utilize his potential and leverage the bank’s money!

He has been impressed with the service offered by b Invested, particularly their promptness in dealing with him. “These guys know what they’re doing because this is what they do every single day. Whether you become a client or not I guarantee you’ll be wiser after going into a meeting and listening to what they have to say”.

At the time of this interview, Mitch estimated that the total value of his property portfolio is $4.2 million. He says that his rental income is $75,000+ per year.

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