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The Journey

At the start of her 20’s, Rochelle realized she didn’t want to work her entire life and was determined to find a way to exit the rat race early.

She wanted a life filled with special moments, not a blur of suits and desks. However, she didn’t want to compromise on her lifestyle – and dreams of a family.



Rochelle knew she had to be smarter with her money, and make it work for her – not the other way around. Property investment was the obvious answer.

Starting with baby steps, she bought an investment property before her 25th birthday.  The b Invested buyer’s agency found a unit in Labrador QLD with a positive cash flow, and good growth prospects.

Costing her just $245,000, the move paid off – 2 years later similar properties are selling for $280,000 to $300,000.

The numbers for this particular property are below;


Investment purchase cost: $245,000

Property market value: $280,000 – $300,000

Net position: $55,000 equity and $370 per week rent



With plans to get married, a home of her own became a need. Realizing that this would probably be the biggest expense in life, she devised a strategy to get her into her own home sooner, and with a much smaller mortgage.

Instead of buying a home off-the-plan at a premium price, she decided to buy land and arrange building separately.

Rochelle says “It’s better not to get emotional, rush in and then spend your whole life paying off your mortgage”

By deconstructing the property deal this way, she knew she could get a much better property price – which was not inflated by hefty sales and marketing costs.

Once again she used the b Invested buyer’s agency to purchase a property at a discount. The property was some land with an old existing dwelling on it. The property was bought for $525,000 and just 6 months later it was revalued by her bank at $590,000.  This is $65,000 in equity that can be used as a deposit for the build.

But Rochelle didn’t stop there. She figured she can reduce her costs even more if she demolished the existing dwelling and replaced it with a new duplex. By building two houses, instead of just one, she could sell or rent one to cover her costs of living in the other one.

With this approach Rochelle looks to make $450,000 in net equity by the time the project is finished.

Here is the breakdown of the numbers on this particular project based on current prices and property market value;


Land costs: $525,000

Demolition cost:  $20,000

Build cost: $482,000

Total cost: $1,043,500

Completed Dwelling Value: $750,000 each or $1,500,000 together

Completed Dwelling Rental: $550 a week per dwelling ($1,100 total)

Net Position: $456,000 equity and $28,600 annual rental income per dwelling ($57,000 total)



Although she will be moving into her very own 4 bedroom home very soon, her strategy doesn’t stop there.

“Ultimately, my end goal is to buy more properties and use the profits to fund a dream home down the line. I want to retire early and use the passive income from my properties to fund my new found freedom” says Rochelle.

Experience has taught her the value of delaying gratification “A lot of my friends are buying expensive cars and shopping online each week. I would rather put my money towards something that will make me more money”.

However making sacrifices doesn’t mean you have to live in deprivation with Rochelle saying,

“I still go out for brunch occasionally, but I’ll order the $9 item instead of the $30 deluxe breakfast. I love to travel overseas, but I choose cheaper destinations and wait for amazing flight sales. I’ve never felt like I am depriving myself. You just have to be a really good bargain hunter. I live for great property deals”.



Although in her mid-20’s, Rochelle has already done more in property than many people will do in a lifetime.

Rochelle admits it was hard to find advice from her peer group and relatives. They didn’t have the experience to guide me in the right direction.

That’s where partnering with a buyers agency became critical;

“They listened to my limitations and desires and came up with a solution that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise”.

She admits that having to pay an agent to find a home was a big decision. However, she very quickly saw the value. It was the best move to make if she wanted to get the right properties from the start and use each as a stepping stone to the next.

“You need to look at what the fee will get you in the long run. I could have made maybe $50,000 on my own as opposed to over $500,000 through a buyer’s agent“.



If you are in the property market for your next home then speak to us. Find out how you could be getting more for your buck and reduce your home ownership costs without sacrificing on style.

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"b Invested came up with a solution that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise."

See Full Case Study >

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