Focused, driven and always finding new opportunities. An expert property strategist sharing his inside knowledge every day.

  • 70+ properties in his portfolio in less than 5 years.

  • Bought his first property in June 2009

Daniel Young is a connoisseur of good investments, accepting nothing but the best deals and focusing top results. Always looking for better ways to work and avenues to achieve more effective results, he is a top gun property investor who is going places – fast!

When he began his investment journey, Daniel absorbed everything there was to know about investment from books, seminars and forums, but he found there was nobody who shared his highly ambitious goals. Despite his young age, he wanted to join the top 1% of Australian property investors with over 6 properties. He wanted to live life on his terms and without his portfolio eating into his lifestyle

The clever man he is, Daniel looked for an investor who had the same lofty ambitions and fire for success as he did – and he met Nathan Birch. Using his strategy of buying positively geared, below market value properties with good long-term capital gain potential, Daniel found himself in the fast lane of successful property investment, quickly growing his portfolio to 20 properties!

It was the long chats about their shared interest in property on the property-scoping road trips where they decided to co-found the group of companies. Both passionate about property, they wanted their venture to deliver services specifically designed to help everyone from first timers to seasoned investors reach financial freedom through property investing. Like Nathan, Daniel is driven by desire to help other investors live life on their own terms, enjoying the freedom to do what they want, when they want and being able to retire early.

His personal portfolio has now grown to over 70 properties in less than 5 years and it continues to grow. It’s no wonder he loves life, when he loves what he does!