Dealing with unfulfilled expectations

If you go on a holiday and spend the whole time thinking about work, answering emails, doing business and so on, you are not fulfilling your expectations of that holiday. You are letting yourself down.

But what are you supposed to expect? How do you form expectations and how do they vary between individuals? And more importantly, how do you meet them?

People have lots of different expectations in life. They want to be fit, but are they going to the gym? Are they eating healthily?

They want to meet their future husband or wife, but are they engaging in the right behaviour to be able to go and do that? Are you going to meet that person at the pub at 3am?

Healthy habits bring a healthy lifestyle. But are you having unrealistic expectations of yourself?

Don’t become a consumer

Expectations can be very different to reality sometimes.

People feel they should be entitled to something. In their life, they deserve something. The world owes them good fortune.

Some people might get successful and then sit there and say, “let’s go party”. They stop doing what it was that made them successful and replaced that with enjoying the fruits of being successful.

At that point you go from being a producer to a consumer. But in life, you want to make sure that your actions are in line with the person you want to be.

So are you where you need to be? Are you behind, or ahead, or right in the right place?

Be who you want to be

The question is, in life, are your expectations in line with the person you want to be? Are the actions that you’re taking helping you get there? Is there a difference between who you are and the actions that you’re taking? Can you change and become closer to the person that you want to be?

Being wealthy, being fit, being professional…what are your expectations? What actions are you taking to get closer to them and what’s missing?

A lot of people go into a new year saying ‘we’re going to do this and we’re going to do that’, but they’re missing something. Their expectations may be different to what they’re actually going to do.

Actions speak louder

People might say ‘I want to quit my job so I can start investing today’. Or they might ask ‘should I stop my business to start investing?’

No, just start taking the actions that will get you closer to where you want to be.

If you need help taking that action or figuring out where to start, reach out to b Invested.