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Don’t buy property this Christmas.


Christmas is a time when buyers are less active and sellers are desperate to offload their properties. This means there are great bargains to be had. 


So, why wouldn’t you buy property this Christmas? 


Well actually, there are plenty of reasons – starting with the turkey.


That turkey won’t stuff itself.

We know you could pick up the next great investment property on sale – but then who would stuff the turkey? 


We all know how important Christmas preparations are. 


Just imagine if you decided not to spend days and days preparing the stuffing, stocking up on food at the supermarket, putting in Christmas orders with the butcher and hours of your time baking on a 35-degree day. 


Imagine if you went out and purchased an investment property for $100,000 below market value instead.


How crazy would that be?


You wouldn’t want to miss your work Christmas party.

Let’s face it, the work Christmas party is always the highlight of the year – just as long as it’s not you that gets pissed and does a rendition of “Do they know it’s Christmas time at all” while ordering lunch.


If you were out there striking deals and making things happen, how would you be able to drink midday cocktails with your colleagues?


The kids need more stuff.

Sure, they already have iPads, Nintendo Switches, Xboxes and smart phones – but now they want iwatches, new bikes and those fluffy toys that turn inside out – whatever they’re called.


That stuff costs money, so it wouldn’t be very wise to buy an investment property now. 


Sure, you could get it heaps cheaper at this time of the year. 


And sure, it would help you build more wealth for next Christmas, and the one after that, but really, it would be better just to spend that money on presents instead. 


House hunting would be too lonely.

With so many other buyers out hunting for Christmas presents, it would be way too lonely to look for a property. How horrible to turn up to inspection after inspection without anyone else to chat to.


And auctions – what fun are auctions without having plenty of competition to feed off?


Not only that, the few people who do show up would be way too distracted thinking about how much they have spent on the kids already and what on earth they should buy their in-laws this year.


What about the Christmas holiday you promised yourself?

The year was so stressful – that’s why Christmas is the perfect time to go ahead and unwind. You couldn’t possibly give that up to go house hunting, could you?


Although, apparently Nathan has clients who call him while they are on holiday, and let him do all the searching and negotiating. They get pretty good deals too. So, maybe it is possible to unwind while someone else does the hard work for you …


You wouldn’t have a NYE resolution.

If you did buy a property at Christmas time, then, chances are, you would be better off for the next year – so what on earth would you make a New Year’s resolution about?


It is great to start each new year with a nagging feeling of guilt and desperation. That’s what keeps us going back to work five days a week, 48 weeks of the year, after all. 


Just imagine if you actually felt pleased with your efforts when the year began. What on earth would motivate you then?


The government needs our money.

Look – say what you will about our government – the fact remains that they need our money. 


They need us to spend our lives working away and earning money for them so they can spend it on the roads, transport and our health system – and don’t forget our schools. 


Plus, there are the politicians’ incomes to think of, and their travel perks, and their lifetime pensions…


And clearly we don’t pay them enough taxes because they keep privatising so many things –  like the roads and transport. 


Also, if we just paid more tax, maybe we wouldn’t have to do sooo many fundraising activities for the kids’ school too?


I guess if you retired early and lived off the rental income you earned, you would still be paying tax … but, then you would have too much free time on your hands. How would you question how the government is actually spending your tax dollars?


So, please, don’t buy property this Christmas! Don’t set yourself up to build wealth over the long term. The Government is counting on you to keep Australia strong!


Of course, it is ultimately up to you whether or not you buy property this Christmas! 


If you choose to ignore the reasons above and proceed with your journey towards financial freedom, I guess we could take a look at your current situation and help you on your way … 


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