Learn From NATHAN BIRCH And Discover How You Too Can Grow A Property Portfolio In A Few Short Years, Whether You’re the New Kid on the Block or a Seasoned Investor. Start Today! 



1. Build a strong foundation 

Build a strong foundation for a money making property portfolio that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms!

2. Get clear on your goals

Get clear on your financial goals, with simple-to-use worksheets and questions that will take you deep into the realms of your liabilities and assets.

3. Phases of building a successful property portfolio

Discover the essential phases of a successful property portfolio, and lay the first bricks of a successful investment foundation. 

4. Be informed and prepared

Know what you need to do to get to where you want to be.

Discover How You Can Grow Your Property Portfolio  in a Few Short Years, Whether You’re the New Kid on the Block or a Seasoned Investor.

Does your life feel like Groundhog Day?  

Do you spend hours every day commuting to and from work, and when you get home at night you’re gutted (emotionally + energetically)?

 Do you work in a job you hate to scrape by on peanuts, money is always tight, and your life is not what you were expecting it to be?

Or maybe you already have a growing property portfolio, but you struggle with your current strategy and that is stopping you from reaching your investment goals faster.  Maybe you have a high-powered job with a good salary, but the problem is: you forgot how to have fun, how to have time freedom, and how to be in charge of your life?  And chances are you can’t take holidays when you want to, take leave on command or save enough money.

THIS is not what you dreamed about, when you left school or uni. You dreamed of a better life. You didn’t sign up for a mundane existence, you didn’t subscribe to the sacrifices you’re making right now — and these sacrifices are costing you your happiness.

Between starting your professional life on a high, and hopefully one day be able to pay for a home and live life on your terms, you’ve become stuck — right smack bang in the middle of it all.

Stress is costing you precious sleep: you toss and turn at night. And wonder how you can ever get out of this rat race to pay for the rising cost of living, without having to work harder. You may have a mortgage that gets harder to sustain, a few investment properties that are costing you more money than you make or you simply are at a loss as to how you can possibly exit this lifestyle.

Stress is affecting every part of your life: your relationships, your work, your love life, and your happiness.
The reality is: you’re stuck in the matrix. The only difference between the movie and your life is that… your matrix is real.

The good news is: Neo was given a choice in the movie. And I’m giving a choice now.

The truth is: you’ve got a choice right now…
You can choose to get educated, and learn the steps you’ve been missing so that you can tweak your investment strategies or start off on the right foot. You get another chance to live life on your terms; and this is your wake up call right here. 

Wanna Know Our Personal Success Recipe?

Hi, I’m Nathan Birch, co-founder of I’m a bit of Bogan. If you would meet me on the street, you wouldn’t think that I’ve build a very successful property portfolio with a net worth of over $30 million, consisting of over 200 properties that earn me $500k passive income per year, and growing.

And if I told you that I retired at the age of 24 you’d say, “Get out of here!”

But that is the truth. I’m a no bullshit guy, on a mission to help you live life on your terms with property – if that’s something you really want.

I co-founded Binvested with my friend and business partner Daniel Young, who built a portfolio of over 70 investment properties in just 5 years. Daniel is a brilliant property strategist and a true champ at finding fantastic opportunities to streamline the system.

We have a simple strategy that’s worked for us since we both began investing.
- We purchase property below market value.  
- We only buy properties that have capital growth potential.  
- And our investment properties must have a low holding cost.
Our approach works because we’ve tried and tested it for years (and our portfolios don’t lie). And we teach our clients the exact steps we take to build our property empire with no stone left unturned.

The #1 Mistake of Property Investors

Have you ever fancied yourself as a successful property investor? Maybe you dream about owning dozens of properties that make enough money to retire from the matrix young or early. Hold those thoughts for a second…
Before you can even dream about following in our footsteps you need to be aware of the number one dream killer in the industry.
Here it is: most property investors take the plunge without looking at their long-term goals. They fail to analyse their financial position and their long-term goals, and so they purchase properties that are not in line with their goals. And then… they get stuck.
Instead of enjoying freedom and financial security, and living life on their terms… they buy properties that end up eating into their lifestyle, and keep them hostage in a financial hamster wheel.

What our clients are saying about us on the Binvested Facebook page...

"I had a MAP session with Daniel and I was beyond pleased with the level of professionalism and knowledge. I can't recommend Daniel and the team at B Invested enough - it is the best money I have spent. Don't waste your time or potentially a lot of money by making the wrong decisions. Book in a MAP session and get advice from successful investors who walk the talk. That is hard to find! 

"If you think education is expensive try ignorance" - Benjamin Franklin. Have a great day! - Dan."

Dan James


"I've been looking into them for a little while, checking out there youtube videos. So far I'm impressed in what I've seen and heard. I take my hat off to these guys especially Nathan, in regards to how he started at the age of 18, to what he has achieved now and the people he has helped on the way, amazing. I've booked a Map Session for next week, looking forward to it."

Robb Smirr


"No frills, straight to the point advice from real people who have done it all before. You can't do any better than to talk to the folks at Binvested. Book a MAP session and take the first step toward planning for your financial future. Or not, up to you."

Anthony Picard


Are You Stuck in a Financial Hamster Wheel?

  • Do you currently own property that has you trapped financially?

  • Are you looking to buy property to build a successful portfolio, but you’re unsure about your next steps?

  • Are you dreaming about financial freedom?

    Are you terrified of getting started as a property investor because you’re afraid of losing money; being tricked by a sleazy property shark or worse; end up losing everything when interest rates rise? 

This is Exactly WHY We’ve Made it Our Mission
to Help You Succeed!

We’ve seen too many Australians get sucked into the vortex of sleazy property spruikers. Heck we met some of them ourselves. These people are bottom of the barrel scum. They don’t deserve to be in business, but sadly they are. And in doing so they’re ripping off the lifesavings of good and honest Australians.
Daniel and I, and our whole Binvested team have made it our life’s mission to help everyday Australians get started in property investing. We have helped people like you build a successful property portfolio that has enabled them to live life on their terms. We’re honest, no bullshit people. We tell it like it is and don’t scam hardworking Aussies out of their money. 

What our clients are saying about us on the Binvested Facebook page...

"I have experience with a few investment properties myself and Daniel has offered a lot more information as it is very clear he speaks from a vast experience himself. I have used many strategies from negative gearing to adding value but binvested's strategy is, I would say, the most sound with the least aggravation. Importantly, they have a very clear strategy in their heads and the determination and tenacity to achieve it. Look forward to my journey with the team. I know it would be a great one!"

Cheng Yip


"How amazing are you guys!! Nathan, Sophie and the Binvested extended team! It's great to deal with honest, passionate and dedicated people helping others out in their personal journey in property investment."

Rowena Row


"Great stuff! Easy to work with & being a first time investor made everything very clear & were able to answer ALL those questions I needed answered. Everything was simple & smooth, looking forward to the next one."

Judd Cox


You could be our next success story!

We don’t take our responsibility lightly. In fact, we’re very serious about supporting our clients, every step of the way.
And that’s why we’ve written a guide to help you get started. This “Exit the Matrix Guide” — to build a strong foundation for a money-making property portfolio that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms details the first steps you need to take, to plan to succeed with property investing.
Frankly, you can’t succeed without first putting these foundations in place. That’s the truth. Remember, you too can live life on your terms. You have a choice like everyone else. But this isn’t a get-rich-quick plan. It requires you to be committed, dedicated, and determined to reach your goal.
This is for you if you’re ready to giddy up and do property investing like the pros that are living the dream. 

Take the First Steps Into a Better Future
The “Exit the Matrix Guide” — to build a strong foundation for a money-making property portfolio that gives you the freedom to live life on your terms is available to you for just $9. That’s right. We’re giving you a no bullshit reason to buy this damn guide now so you can stop fluffing about and start to lay the (correct) foundations for your successful property empire.

Our Guarantee

We don’t offer a money-back guarantee for the guide. Why? Because if you don’t wholeheartedly believe that we’re the real deal, then you’re not our dream client. We only work with people who already understand that we’re Australia’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors. And frankly, if you worry about spending $9 to build a better future you don’t have the right mindset to take calculated risks later on.
Property investing isn’t for naysayers, complainers and wusses. It’s a game that’s played by go-getters, people with huge dreams and ambition. Action takers who want to get out of the matrix and live life on their terms. And who appreciate being led by the hand, step by step, by people who are living their dream right now. 


Inappropriate and a little bit bogan? Maybe, but always straightforward, honest and incredibly successful.

BInvested is Australia’s leading property investment group, developed for investors by investors, BUT we are not your average, normal property investment company (in case you haven't noticed!). We were founded by two young, top-gun property investors Nathan Birch and Daniel Young, who set out with the specific goal of helping others achieve their financial independence through property investment. Choosing to surround themselves with ambitious people of a similar property investment mindset, today our awesome team includes passionate and successful property investors, accountants, solicitors, finance providers and property managers.


It’s simple really. You can do this. But you have to want this.
Ready to live life on your terms?
Get started now – don’t delay your happiness.
Don’t just rely on your Super that may never be. Your life happens now. Live it without excuses. Join us.
See you on the inside.

Nathan Daniel
And Your Binvested Team
Footnote: hey if you fast-scrolled here to get first dibs on what we’re offering, you’re out of luck. As a Bogan I reserve the right do things my way, and so there is no postscript. Sorry mate. Now go back and read this page in full.