Binvested Group of Companies

Check out how each of the businesses below can help you to live life on your terms through property investing

Zinger Finance

Take control of your financial future with Zinger, the experts in large property portfolio finance. We are focused on achieving the best results for our clients, helping them find the right loan structures, increasing their financial flexibility and control over their own finances. Let the team at Zinger Finance do the hard work for you. We’ll look beyond the ‘cheapest’ rate, sorting through and presenting the options available that will best enable you to grow your large property portfolio.

Zenith Legal

Your property investment portfolio is one of, if not your most valuable asset – can you afford to leave the legal side to anyone but an expert? Zenith Legal are experts in property law, with our experienced and fully qualified property solicitors backed by a large professional network. No matter how big or small your property legal issue, we have the resources and expertise to meet your needs. When it comes to property, your peace of mind is our priority and we back our legal expertise with the highest standards of client satisfaction.

Property Investment Agents

Think big! Don’t be average! Talk to PIA to get the ongoing strategy and guidance you need to push beyond the run-of-the-mill 1-2 property portfolio. PIA, are a full service advisory firm and buyers’ agency, whose tried and tested strategies have inspired and guided many top-level investors towards property portfolio success. If you choose property as your priority path for building wealth then trust PIA to maximise your returns.

Blink Property

Is it possible to maximise the return on your investment property, with the minimal effort? With Blink Property it is! We specialise in property management, but we are 100% investor driven – meaning our focus is on achieving maximum rental returns for clients. Unlike real estate agencies, we possess vast experience in managing investment properties, meaning efficient service, minimal vacancy rates, regular rent increase reviews and on time rental payments – and of course, delighted landlords and tenants.

One Path Accountants

Property investment is a journey offering choices at every turn – do you understand the potential tax and accounting implication of your next big decision? One Path Accountants are the specialists in property investment accounting, meaning you can confidently negotiate complicated finance and tax issues backed a wealth of experience and specialist knowledge. Our clients receive portfolio-focused taxation and financial planning advice, meaning they can confidently navigate the challenging path of property portfolio taxes and accounting.