How Binvested Is Different To Other Buyer’s Agencies.


When Nathan started the Binvested group of companies about ten years ago, there was only a handful of buyer’s agencies out there.


Now, there are thousands.


What sets us apart from the others? We were one of the forefathers of the buyer’s agency movement. And the results that we have created for our clients speak for themselves.


What Nathan did when he was 13.

Back in 1998, Nathan created a document that would shape his investing, as well as give birth to his career as a buyer’s agent.


It was a cashflow sheet that he had created while doing an analysis on a property. He was only 13 at the time.


Nowadays, while the cashflow sheet has evolved over the years, it still forms an integral part of the analysis Nathan does on all of his client’s investing deals.


Handpicked properties from an investor with more than 200 properties of his own.

Something that really sets PIA apart from other buyer’s agencies is that Nathan handpicks all of the clients’ properties himself. He doesn’t have any buyer’s agency staff. It is all him.


So, if you are looking to replicate his success, going through PIA will ensure you have him on board. He will work on a strategy with you before handpicking the best properties that will help you achieve your goals. He will also negotiate the best price.


Strategic buying sets us apart.

While plenty of buyer’s agents out there will take your list of orders and find you a property that matches, we will look at your overall goals as an investor. We will consider what types of properties you need in your portfolio to achieve these goals, and purchase them in the right order.


You see, our work doesn’t stop after the first purchase. We partner with you throughout your journey and help you with every acquisition.


We are also there in the lead up to settlement, helping you to organise insurance, property management and the pest and building report. If there is scope to drop the purchase price further during this time, we don’t shy away from the challenge. We do everything we can to get you the best deal and help you on your way.


Have you ever come across a buyer’s agent with more than 200 properties of their own? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


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