How To Create A Successful Life Starting Today

When b Invested founder Nathan Birch started out in investing, he didn’t come from a family with money and he wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

Instead, to succeed, he had to work hard, sacrifice and hustle. At one point he was working two full time jobs. This ethic laid the foundation for his success and he still works the big hours these days; though the work he does also happens to be what he wants to do. It’s his passion.

If you want to experience similar success in your life, you need to be present, think about what your reality is like now and what you want to turn it into.

Set goals to kick goals

One of the most essential things to do when starting out is to set goals. So many people have hopes and dreams but don’t seem to get around to putting some goals in concrete that they can use to hold themselves accountable and actually make it happen.

Once you have clarity on who it is that you need to become, you can hone in on the actions to take to become that person.

Where are you heading? Where do you need to be in five years? In 10 years? Once you identify those markers, you can break everything down into actionable steps you can take to reach those milestones.

Be accountable to yourself

Once you have your set of key metrics, you can break them down even further to a set of actions you need to take on a monthly, weekly and even daily basis.

If you make sure you do these things, you might find that everything else in your world begins to fall into place. But if those things don’t happen, then it can be like a domino effect.

Nathan likes to set himself up with notifications on his phone. That way, every time he checks his home screen he’s reminded of the things he needs to do.

Think of the time you waste on your phone each day, if you’re like most people. No judgment here, but imagine if every time you were about to waste some time on your phone, you instead achieved a small daily goal. It would all add up to a big difference.

Keep working on yourself

If you want to be the best there is; think Tiger Woods in golf or Michael Jordan in basketball, you can’t rest on your laurels.

Those guys are not only the most talented, but they tend to practice the hardest too. That’s why they were the best at what they did. If you’re already the best, and you work harder on yourself than everyone else, then no one can catch you.

This is the way Nathan Birch looks at property and it’s why he has more than 220 properties in his portfolio already. He knows that work ethic matches outcome and that you get the end reality that you deserve.

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