How To Defend Yourself Against A Global Reset

What is most important when protecting yourself in life?

If you said money, you might want to think again. Consider what you need to function as a human being at the most essential level. Money is not as important as shelter, access to food, clean air and water, power and electricity.

Then there’s the ability to trade and barter, to get petrol so you can move your automobile and go and travel to see your loved ones for example. We’ve taken a lot of these things for granted for a while now, but the way the world is operating is changing, so you may need back up options.

For example, if you’ve gone to the shops lately, but forgotten your mask, you may not have been allowed in. Suddenly someone is telling you that you can’t buy food to feed their family and that’s something that’s probably never happened to you before.

Secondary food source

First things first, make sure you’ve got access to food. If you are literally locked down for some reason and you are told you can’t go to the shop, you still need to eat.

If you have a garden with some fruit and veggies, maybe some chickens too, you’ve got access to a lot of the food you need. You will also need access to a back-up supply of water and power.

Multiple properties at your disposal

If you’re building your property portfolio, you could do worse than make sure you’ve got a property somewhere in the bush that you can go and stay at if needed. One that’s near the water would be handy too. Lots of different properties means plenty of different options for shelter and the resources that may be surrounding them.

Not to mention the fact they are assets, and Australia’s favourite assets at that. As currency loses its value over time, assets like these properties will become stable forms of value.

Commodities can come in handy

If currency as we know it was suddenly no longer worth anything, some people would be happy they hung onto certain commodities and things with some level of material worth.

Nathan Birch, b Invested founder, says the ability to trade and barter is essential and that commodities can get you moving throughout a system. One example is real money. Not the paper money that is only worth something because a government says so, but old school money made out of gold or silver.

A long time ago, Nathan actually started buying tons of old pennies and one and two cent pieces before copper prices went up. So, this old school money had physical metal value and he got it for cheaper than the spot price. Now, he has got it in storage facilities, so that one day, if for some reason he’s unable to trade using a digital app, he still has something that people might accept.

Decentralised cryptocurrency

Finally, it will be important to have access to cryptocurrencies. Not whatever “coin” the government has brought out to replace physical money, but the ones like Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum that will be used to trade around the world, free of government manipulation. At some point, these will go from being investment assets to being used as currency, so you’re not buying these looking to strike it rich anymore, but rather to have something you can use to buy petrol, food, or similar when it is more commonly used.