How To Escape The Reality Of Our Matrix

We’ve been hearing a bit lately about an article that came out by the world economic forum in 2016.

The article basically said that by 2030, you will own nothing and be happy about it. People are freaking out about some superpowers coming in and removing everything. Taking away their property and the assets they own already. But could that really happen?

We never saw 2020 coming

Many people’s rights were removed in some way in 2020. Not being allowed to travel, to enter shops, to even leave their properties. No one would have imagined something like that happening in Australia before and things may get a lot crazier moving forward.

We may not see people coming in and taking your house and money off you, but we might see more people losing out on life in general. It’s been happening for years.

Change is inevitable

B Invested founder Nathan Birch believes we’ve got a change in our financial system, in our economy and in our assets at the moment.

He believes that moving forward, we might see the middle class be removed, and some people become poorer and poorer, with more on social security cheques and further stimulus packages needed from the government.

Meanwhile, more wealthy people will become wealthier. It’s happened time and again throughout history in communist societies.

Our monetary system is dying

In 2017 Nathan Birch said we were headed for a GFD- a Global Financial Depression.  A lot of people said he’s crazy, that we’ve got the best economy in the world. But he thinks our economy is screwed and becoming more so.

He says it’s important to understand how assets work, understand how debt works, understand how tax works and how the system is designed to enslave you as a wage earner.

Being aware that you’re living in the fabric of the system and how you can stay on top of that is key to avoiding becoming trapped, trampled and squeezed.

Most people are being squeezed by working 40 hour weeks, for 40 years of their life. Some work for 50 years and work 80—100 hours a week.

Will we lose properties?

Nathan Birch believes there’s no way that some government or superpower will take people’s properties off them, but he warns that if you think you own your own property already, you’re fooling yourself. He says no one truly owns a property, they just own a chunk of the system they are participating in. If you don’t pay council rates for 12 months or 24 months, your property will be repossessed anyway.

Selling debt, not cars

Look at cars for an example of the way the economy has evolved. In 2008 there were a lot of cars more than 10 years old on our streets. Now, you don’t see that. Values are increasing rapidly on cars because they’re disposable items. Today, a car is a financial instrument.

A car is purely something that a loan or financier can actually attach a security too. The car is a security and they’re selling debt. The car yard doesn’t sell you a car anymore, they sell debt and loans, that’s how they make their money.

How many people actually own their car now? They rarely do. Cars have become too expensive and people are being priced out.

Own the chessboard, don’t be a pawn

Nathan believes that as people become poorer, more submissive and owned by the system, the ones with wealth and power will be those that own the assets.

He says that if you’ve got the ability to get out of cash, get out. If you’ve got the ability to obtain assets, then obtain assets. Whether it be property, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, or an old car. You need to have assets and understand how debt works and how the system works, to stay on top of it.

So the question for you is, how do you become the owner of the chessboard and not a pawn in the chess game?

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