If you want to become rich, the first question you need to ask is “who am I?”


A holistic approach to wealth.

If you go to the doctor because you are sick, chances are your doctor will treat the sickness and not your general health.


Rather than offering a band aid solution, a truly good doctor will look at your whole body to improve your general health.


Prevention is better than a cure, right?


The same goes for wealth.


Conforming to the system.

From the time we start school, we are shaped into acting and thinking in a certain way.


Throughout our lifetime we are conditioned by society to value getting good grades at school, getting a good job and starting a family.


Our education teaches us to be good workers and maintain the society we live in.


So many people think money is the answer to happiness. They value it so much that the concept of wealth enslaves them into the system. They conform in the belief that if they work their entire lives they will be wealthy.


But, being rich is more than just having several digits in a bank account.


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We are spiritual beings.

What good is having wealth if you have no purpose in life?


Just like the person who takes antibiotics over and over again without improving their immunity, having money is pointless if you are too busy working to fulfil your life’s purpose.


We are spiritual beings born into a system that doesn’t allow for free-thinkers. It doesn’t allow for free-doers. The system requires us to work, pay tax and stay numb in the belief that we can’t change the world.


But, we can change the world if we want to. It is just that so many of us feel enslaved by the need to work in order to get by.


Ask yourself ‘why?’

The first step towards building wealth is to find out who you are. Find out who you would like to be. What sort of life would you like to live? What will you do with your time when you are rich?


The second step is to build wealth. There are many different vehicles for this. Property is just one. Whatever strategy you choose, make sure you take action.


Once you have the amount of wealth desired, it is time to completely unplug yourself from the system. Choose how you would like to spend your time. Do the things you need to in order to fulfil your life’s purpose.


Because, it is hard to become rich unless you know why you are doing it.


What is your definition of rich? Why would you like to be rich?


Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.