Hustle Hard.


Many Australians are born into a world of opportunity – but most of us end up in a world of pressure. A world where we should get good grades at school, climb the corporate ladder, buy a house and work hard to pay it off.


But, life doesn’t have to look like this.


Nathan says he hears from people as young as 14 who are motivated to choose a different path to what the system dictates. One in which they create their own adventure – and aren’t bound to a lifetime of tax slavery.  Hustle hard now, so you don’t have to later.


Our world of opportunity.

Many of us grew up thinking we could be whatever we wanted to be. But, somewhere along the line we accepted the standard existence of earning a salary and struggling to keep up with the weekly expenses.


Nathan says it is never too early to figure out what you want your life to look like as an adult. He was only 13 when he started figuring this out for himself.


But, growing up isn’t just about choosing a career path – a thing they encourage at school – it’s about choosing a lifestyle. Do you want to work full-time until you are 70, or do you want an easier balance between work and family? Do you want to be able to take a few months off work to travel every couple of years, or do you want to be locked into four weeks annual leave at the discretion of your boss?


The importance of making a plan.

Once you know how you want your life to look, Nathan recommends assessing your options before making a plan.


Your plan should be a result of reverse engineering – that is, looking at the end goal and working backwards to see how you can achieve this. 


Once you have broken things down into steps to complete, you will need to have clarity on what you are doing and why you are doing it. This will help you stay focused on achieving your goals and prevent you from making costly mistakes.


Nowadays, says Nathan, young people have so many more opportunities to make extra cash than he did when he was younger. Thanks to the internet, it is possible to set up online stores and other secondary income streams. Uber has also made it possible to hustle for earn extra cash on the side.


Sticking to your guns.

As a young person, you will no doubt hear your elders say your dreams aren’t realistic, or that you should focus on study and choose a good job.


While it is good to choose a job you enjoy, you may not continue to enjoy it after working there for 20 years or so.


If you can set yourself up financially by investing in good income producing assets when you are young, you may be in a position to retire after those 20 years are through.


As long as you have a well-thought out plan, that works to minimise risk along the way, why wouldn’t you take a chance at creating a better financial future when you are young?


Nathan says he copped a lot of flack from his family when he started out. Loved ones told him to stop buying properties; that what he was doing was too risky. But, he devised a strategy to cope with this risk and he stuck to his guns.


He says strategy, clarity and hustle are the key elements of success. They have kept him thriving on his journey and are continuing to ensure his future expansion throughout the next chapter.


How do you want your life to look? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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