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The Ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future.


Christmas will soon be here – what did you do last year?

Do you regret? Did you forget? 

And in the future, what will you get?

It’s not too late to make this Christmas the one,

Where you set yourself up for financial fun

By making a deal below market value

to build your capital and investment cashflow…


Three Christmas ghosts have come here to show

the past, present and future – and how you may go

From a festive season of spending and waste,

To an investment journey of riches to taste –

That will only grow sweeter in the years to come

As financial freedom makes your life more fun.

– Darles Chickens ‘19.


If you’re considering investing in property this Christmas, read on!


The Three Ghosts of Christmas.

Just as the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future show Ebenezer Scrooge a thing or two about being nice in Charles Dicken’s The Christmas Carol, we thought we’d do the same about property investing.


According to Nathan Birch from Binvested, Christmas is a great time to purchase a property because there are less buyers in the market. Most people are busy preparing for Christmas and therefore take a break from house hunting until the start of the new year.


Vendors who have properties that have been listed for some time often become keen to sell so they can enjoy the Christmas season and plan for the year ahead.


Despite this perfect storm of potential, most people still don’t take the opportunity to buy their next investment property.


Which is why we summoned the three ghosts of Christmas…


The Ghost of Christmas Past.

Come with me and I will take you on a journey to your past – to Christmas last year.


Chances are you spent the festive season partying, relaxing and spending heaps of money.


It felt good, didn’t it?


But then, you had to go back to work and spend the rest of the year slaving to pay off your credit card.


Your kids were so happy when they received the things on their wish list. But now, those same things are at the back of their wardrobe, collecting dust – and they still want more!


More toys, more devices, more money, more work…


Last Christmas, you didn’t get the chance to think about your financial future, so you didn’t come up with a plan of attack. You didn’t take advantage of opportunities in the market. You didn’t even consider buying a foundation property – even though you knew it was a good time to do so.


There is certainly nothing wrong with unwinding during the Christmas break, but will it help you reach financial freedom in the years to come?


The Ghost of Christmas Present.

This Christmas, things will be the same – or, will they?


The festive season will arrive and you will celebrate it with friends and family as you do every year.


But, this time, perhaps, you will do things a little differently.


Nathan says, he thinks Christmas is a time for reflection. In fact, he actually locks himself away during the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in order to go through all his goals and look at things he would like to change.


If you aren’t happy with your financial situation, Christmas can be a great time to break those poor habits and turn the page to a better future.


He also says, now, thanks to the GFD, a lot of people won’t be able to party it up this year.


But, even if you are in the position to spend up – then why not use it wisely? Why not take advantage of the Christmas season to buy a good growth property with a strong cashflow below market value?


It could be the ultimate Christmas present for your whole family. 


If you bought a new property each Christmas for the next few years, you could be setting up your future to be merry and bright.


Just imagine how good Christmas would start to feel if you had a solid asset base that was earning a passive income – the usual festive financial stress would fade away.


And, you can still enjoy Christmas whether you go crazy on gifts or not – after all, the true meaning of Christmas has nothing to do with buying things.


The Ghost of Christmas Future.

Let’s travel to the future now.


There you all are, having Christmas lunch again – except you aren’t at home. You are on a tropical beach eating lobsters and drinking champagne…


Too much of a cliché?


Okay, fair enough. The thing is though, if you had a portfolio of properties that were going up in value each year, and slowly transitioning from a neutral cashflow to a positive one, then it is pretty likely you will be better off financially than the year before.


In fact, as long as you bought the right properties in a strategic way and chose to spend your cash responsibly, it is likely that each Christmas you would find yourself in a better and better position as the years went by.


Then, perhaps in five or ten years’ time, your Christmas would also be a retirement celebration too.


Food for thought during this year’s Christmas lunch!


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