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Last Chance To Make 2017 Count.

It’s the end of another busy year – which means it’s time for your annual kick up the bum from Binvested and assess how you’ve gone with your property investment goals in 2017.


Did you set goals at the start of the year? Have you achieved them? Are you ready to set some new ones?


If your answer was no to all three, then it is time to take action before the year’s end.


‘Tis the season to invest.

Just because the festive season has officially started, it doesn’t mean you should put aside your goals until the new year.


Christmas is actually a great time for investors.


Firstly, less people are buying – which means less competition in the market.


Secondly, sellers are becoming desperate to sell – which often makes it easier to negotiate a good price.


And thirdly, renters are looking to transition into their new homes before the start of the new school year.


Three great reasons to get cracking on your investing!


Cross off the goals on your Christmas wish list.

Most people start making multiple lists at this time of the year.


There’s the list of presents to Santa. The list of presents we need to buy. The list of people coming to Christmas lunch. The list of food and drinks to buy for the day. The list of things to prepare…


What about the list of goals you made at the start of the year? Don’t let these last few weeks of 2017 go to waste. Find that list and start crossing off those goals.


Just imagine how good you would feel if you managed to buy that first, second or third property before the new year? Then, you could set a new goal for 2018.


Let’s face it, it is pretty demoralising to reset the same goal over and over again at the start of each new year.


It is time to break that vicious cycle! No more Groundhogs day! No more being in the same financial situation year in and year out!


Let the magic of the season inspire you.

Remember how magical this time of year was when you were just a child?


School was finishing up and a long stretch of holidays lay glistening in front of you. Summer had arrived. The start of day light savings meant you could make the most of evening pool parties and day trips to the beach.


If you celebrated Christmas, the excitement was palpable. The last week or so before the day was spent shopping, wrapping and trying to guess what was inside the presents under the tree.


Most adults find it difficult to enjoy Christmas as much as they did when they were children.


The organisation and shopping expeditions can be so exhausting that they find themselves counting down the days till boxing day when they can finally rest.


But seeing the excitement in the eyes of their children reminds them of the magic they used to feel come mid-December.


Why not let yourselves be inspired by this magic?


Put it to use in your life and believe in the positivity of the season.


Don’t be a scrooge.

The first step towards achieving your goals is to develop a positive mindset. Avoid having the cranks at Christmas. Be happy and believe in your ability to make Christmas something special for the family.


Believe in your ability to exit the rat race and to make every day like Christmas.


Imagine the Christmas holidays being a year-long event. The day that you consolidate your portfolio and can live off the passive income will be the day you start living your lifelong Christmas.


No longer will you have to cram your time off into a couple of weeks over the festive season. Every day will be a holiday!


If you think of each Christmas as being one more Christmas closer to early retirement, then how could you not love this time of year?


But all of this cannot be possible unless you start your journey and keep pushing at every step of the way.


Make this festive season the one you look back on in years to come. Make this Christmas the one in which you said ‘yes’ to achieving your dreams.


And do what you need to in order to achieve your property investment goals.


From all of us at Binvested, we wish you a wonderful festive season and a productive new year. We are looking forward to seeing even more of our clients reach financial freedom in 2018. Give yourself a head start by booking in a free Discovery Session today! 


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