Success and fulfillment is not about ‘making’ it big. It’s about living a life where your actions are aligned with your passion, and you are mastering it.

What impact are you making on the world? Many people feel the need to push aside their life’s biggest priorities in order to work and earn more money. But, what if money wasn’t a daily worry?

This is exactly the position Nathan finds himself in. He lives each day of his life according to his own schedule. He takes on clients because he is passionate about sharing his skills, not because he needs the money.

He has created a lifestyle which provides freedom of time and choice, without the restraints of worrying about money. You can too.

But, it doesn’t come without making an effort.



Nathan admits that becoming successful meant making sacrifices when he needed to. He got started in property investing while working two full-time jobs. When his friends were out partying or taking overseas holidays, Nathan was working and earning as much money as he could.

Did he spend it on expensive cars or other luxury goods? No. In fact, he barely even spent it on food. He saved every cent he could by purchasing bread that was a few days’ old, and eating lunches for $1 a day.

He funnelled his earnings into property, with a vision that his property would funnel money into his pocket further down the track.

It was a vision that paid off.

Now, at the age of 31, he has gone above and beyond achieving the things he initially set out to.

He runs a successful business in which he educates others about property. He has purchased way more than the 10 properties he originally set out to acquire, in fact over 200 now. He doesn’t have to work for a boss – he doesn’t even have to work at all. But, he does it because he loves it.

Today Nathan shares this story often, in hopes that others can take something from it and learn to value delayed gratification.



Nathan says, he has always done whatever it takes to succeed. This is a principle he still adheres to today. He has truly succeeded, yet, he keeps on pushing to achieve even more.

2016 has been one of his toughest years in investment yet. However, he made a conscious effort to do whatever he could to make sure he hit his goals, no matter the roadblocks. He could have just stayed in his comfort zone, but he didn’t because, in the end most uncomfortable and soul crushing place to be is your comfort zone.

Sadly, he’s seen a few investors who didn’t keep their passion burning through 2016. They didn’t adapt to the changes around, seeing them as impassable road blocks.



Becoming successful is a matter of continual evolution, says Nathan. While many people stagnate after a certain period of time, it is important to keeping pushing for positive change throughout your entire life.

This may mean several grey hairs and wrinkles, but those signs of aging are also signs of learning. They tell the story of a life well-lived and many lessons learned. What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger. All diamonds start as ordinary charcoal but look at how they are transformed under heat, stress, and pressure.

You may be scared of all the what-ifs involved in taking even a calculated risk – but that’s what living is all about. It is about getting out there and putting your mark on the world. It’s about being the best you can be. It’s about taking care of your life’s true priorities before it is too late!



The person who acts out of passion will always feel more successful and satisfied than one who just takes the safe middle road. If you love what you are doing, and you channel your passion in a dedicated and focused way, you are almost certainly going to succeed. Whereas, if you just float on life’s tide and follow the motions, you will never feel fulfilled.

Running around after money gets boring if you don’t love what you are doing. It is passion that keeps determination alive. It is passion that sparks your energy each and every morning on the road to success. It is passion that will carry you to achieve your dreams and love the life you are living.



1. What would you be doing today if money were not a problem?

2. How are you going to free yourself from the daily burden of worrying about money?

3. How are you going to make yourself really believe in your own power to be more than a pawn in the system?

We’d love to hear your answers below!


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