Life After Lockdown: The New Normal

For the last four years, b Invested founder Nathan Birch has been projecting the crash of our financial system as we know it.

He has doubled down recently, saying that right now, we are in a depression.

The Australian dollar turned 50 back in August. That’s a half century since changing our currency system to the petro dollar in 1971.

And Nathan believes that our currency may not get much older. He says it’s dying, just like every currency in history that has existed before it. Many currencies have been killed off by hyperinflation and governments are looking to control and manipulate situations as best they can to avoid certain scenarios.

Let’s get digital

So where are we going? All signs point to a digital only system and the end of physical cash.

Nathan believes there will be a central bank digital currency, which will exist alongside biometric cameras. This means that if you go to Woolworths or Coles and head to the self-checkout, you’ll now see yourself on the screen as you pay for your goods.

At this point, Nathan explains he’s not one of those people that thinks 5G is an evil weapon here to destroy everyone. But he does believe it will be a part of life going forward. He believes that biometric cameras are going to be everywhere and that we are moving toward a phase of the one world government and digital currency.

Social credit system

Nathan also projects that there will be a social credit system involving our identities that is attached to our currency.

Currency created under this system will have a deadline to be used and can also simply be deleted by authorities if a citizen does not abide by the law or the rules of the system.

He claims this system has already been rolled out in China. So, over there, if you commit a small crime like jaywalking, and it’s picked up by the cameras, you are publicly named and shamed and a fine is automatically deducted from your bank account.

What can I do about the new normal?

Nathan says the world may be a screwed up place, but your own world doesn’t need to be.

He suggests that it’s important to ascertain what’s going on out there, research, ask questions, and consider how you may be being played.

Nathan questions everything that anyone says to him and encourages others to do the same…even when it comes to what Nathan is saying. Just ask, does this feel right? Why are these things happening?

Look at the lockdowns of the last 18 months. Sure, there may be a sickness out there that needs to be contained, but why such extreme lockdowns?

We’ve closed down the economy, we’ve closed down the country and we’ve locked people up in their homes and taken away their rights and freedom. Until recently, something like two thirds of the country was locked down. Should we not question the rhetoric and the messaging from the media that’s going on?

Make a difference with assets

When currencies die and hyperinflation rears its head, quality assets with debt attached can help you navigate your way through.

Interest rates are low, property values are rising and your debt on assets can potentially be inflated away by rising returns. So, think about your own strategy and reach out to b Invested if you need help.