How do you become successful in life when it feels like the odds are stacked against you?


The answer lies in the hustle.


Overcoming negativity.

If money is tight, and it seems impossible to get ahead, it is time to stop focussing on the struggle.


Letting yourself feel defeated is the worst thing you can do. If you are always thinking about how hard it is and how much life sucks, then you are fanning the flames.


But, overcoming the struggle can be quite a … well, struggle.


The system keeps us spending.

Our spending keeps the nation’s economy going – but what about our own economy?


Nowadays, we live in a world where there is always something expensive to spend our money on. iPhones, overseas holidays, subscriptions to services we don’t need – all of this keep us spending.


It also distracts us from focussing on what we need to do to get ahead.


Making sacrifices yields big rewards.

What did your parents sacrifice in order to own their own home?


Did they have two cars? Did they go overseas every year? Did you eat out a few times a week?


Or, did they have one car that was run down? Did you stay with nearby relatives for your holidays, or go on camping trips? Did you eat out once a month?


Did they work two jobs to pay back the mortgage? Did they have to pay 20 per cent interest on their loan?


It is easy to say, my parents were lucky – they could buy their own house, but did they live the sort of lifestyle most of us life today?


Mindset of the hustle.

If you want to build wealth for yourself and your family, you need to hustle. You need a millionaire mindset. 


You need to forget about the Kardashians and iPhones and you need to make some sacrifices.


Focus on cutting out unneeded expenses and work hard.


Develop a strategy that will enable you to build wealth and make sure you stick to it.


And, remember – the little sacrifices you make now will add up to big rewards later.


What sacrifices have you made in order to get ahead? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.

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