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We’ll Show You How To Build Wealth

Learn how to build a high performing property portfolio for financial freedom!


Has your search for property investment answers left you empty handed….or overloaded and confused?

Are you following a strategy and not getting results?

How do you know if the advice is trustworthy?

 If you are looking to start or reboot your investment portfolio then keep reading! This is the right place if you want clarity, confidence and real results.

Our methods have helped us, and our clients to “tell their boss where to go”.

Isn’t it time you too finally got off the 9 – 5 rat wheel and started living life on your terms too?

The Help I Needed To ‘Retire’ At 24

Hi, I’m Nathan Birch. It wasn’t that long ago that I felt frustrated and powerless, grinding away just to be fleeced by the taxman.

I needed escape the claws of the Matrix. I wanted freedom and options in life…not to live and die by the status quo.

 I knew passive income through property was the answer. But how would I get there?

I didn’t have anyone I could trust for advice, and I made many mistakes.

Luckily, I met an equally ambitious investor. This investors name was Daniel Young.

We learnt a lot from each other and that’s when our cash flow and net worth really skyrocketed!

Today, Daniel runs MAP Sessions to teach the same property techniques that took me from pouring beers at a bar, to make me over $30M in net worth and $2M in cash flow!

Incase you are wondering, Daniel’s done pretty well for himself through property too. Incredibly, he went from 0 to 70 properties in just 5 years!

The Only Education Session You Need

Between me and Daniel, we’ve used just about every tactic in the book.

We’ve worn the battle scars so you don’t need to!

That’s how we know we have included everything you need to know in this MAP session.

What Will Be Revealed?

You will learn how to manage the core elements of all successful property portfolios, irrespective of a particular strategy, location or property.

You will see what is hidden in plain sight to 99% of investors…and even most industry professionals!

Many MAP attendees go on to buy 6 or more properties, yet less than 0.005% of Australian investors make it here.

Learn how you can join this elite club.

Core Elements Of A Strong Foundation For Wealth

Everyone knows how dangerous it is to build a house on bad foundations. This is true for property investment too!

With bad foundations your portfolio could collapse, costing a fortune to save…if that’s possible at all.

This is why the MAP Session gives very clear instructions for mapping out your property investment foundations.


Understand how to decide how many properties you need, by when and for what lifestyle goal.


What to look for when financing a large portfolio, so you don’t get stuck with a half-baked portfolio or put yourself in danger.


How to avoid getting caught in a structural straight jacket, while minimizing your costs and tax.


Rip away the jargon and find out what tactics actually make financial sense in a future proof portfolio that builds real wealth.


Which properties can catapult you towards explosive growth, now and into the future?

Learn about bagging the big bucks as opposed to copping collateral damage to your pockets.

What Others Are Saying!

“I thought I knew everything about property. Boy was I surprised! It’s essential for ANY investor”

– Anthony Picard, Experienced Investor

“I was so confused, then suddenly everything became simple after the MAP Session!”

– Anthea Plaatjies, First Time Investor

“My biggest regret is buying a property before doing a MAP session. I could have saved so much money!”

– Rowena Ebona, Investor

Whether you have zero or ten properties, you have everything to gain from a MAP session….and lots to lose if you miss out!

Radically Change Your Investment Prospects

The MAP session has revolutionized thousands of lives, like that of David.

David was young and he was ambitious. Following the advice of ‘professionals’ he managed to buy three investment properties. Not bad hey? That’s what he thought until it was too late! David had been duped.

“The properties were negative, costing me money each week. Plus, three years later they were worth less than what I paid. I was stuck!” says David.

David was caught in a classic trap. He trusted the wrong advice, and followed the wrong strategy for his needs.

Luckily, a MAP Session was the perfect antidote. He was given the tools to develop a personalized, goal based investment strategy to create cash flow and net worth.

Three years later, he owns 9 investment properties. What’s more they are actually injecting $1,000’s in weekly cash flow and $100,000’s in net worth….instead of draining it.

“In the last two years, the income has allowed me and my partner to travel to China, Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu and weekends to Victoria and the Gold Coast. This otherwise would not have been possible”

Where & When?

Attend in person or live online!

Enjoy a Live MAP session from the comfort of your own home! Or visit our office at Suite 203, 7-9 Irvine Place, Bella Vista (Norwest) NSW 2153.

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