Mentoring Weekend - Bundle 1 - Property Investing and Finance

It’s a hot topic at the moment – Finance.
If finance has you baffled, you don’t know where to start or how to move forward from where you are right now, these videos will help you clear through some of the white noise and help you come up with a strategy for financial freedom.
Videos included:

Video 1 – “Financing your portfolio” 65 minutes 42 seconds

1.1 How to finance a large portfolio in the current climate

1.2 How lending platforms need to adapt for profitable strategies

1.3 How to structure your finances

1.4 Common finance pitfalls

1.5 How to be finance ready at all times

1.6 What do interest rates mean and when to use the different options available

1.7 The correlation between financial planning and lending

Video 2 – “What role does Financial Planning play?” 19 minutes 50 seconds

2.1 How to take advantage of the current financial climate

2.2 Retirement planning

2.3 Estate planning

2.4 Risk minimisation strategies

2.5 How to build a diversified investment portfolio

Video 3 – Property & Tax, Introducing: My Property Tracker and Q&A –  66 minutes 51 seconds

3.1 Understanding current changes in the tax system

3.2 recent and proposed changes to property taxation

3.3 How to understand how your tax and your property portfolio interact to maximise your cashflow position.

3.4 Alternate tax structures for purchasing investments

3.5 Detailed analysis of how to understand pre and post-tax cashflows and your investments

3.6 Demonstrating how tax advice can affect your finance application

3.7 What is My Property Tracker?

3.8 Q&A

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