Mentoring Weekend - Bundle 2 - Building a Property Portfolio (Beginner to Intermediate)

This is your comprehensive guide to building a profitable property portfolio in any market. 
Either you’re just starting your property investment journey, or you have done the awesome job of building yourself a small portfolio and now, you’re not sure how to take it to the next level, these videos are designed to give you the knowledge you need to give your property portfolio the boost needed to move forward, regardless of the economic conditions. 
Videos included:

Video 1 – “Property Update” 46 minutes 23 seconds

1.1 Market Update
1.2 Should I be scared of the GFD?
1.3 Why is the GFD a good thing?
1.4 What’s happening in the property markets over 2019, 2020 and 2021?
1.5 The current state of the financial markets and how to profit.
1.6 What is happening in property?
1.7 What is happening in stocks?
1.8 What is happening in crypto?
1.9 What is happening in precious metals?
1.10 What is happening in currencies?
1.11 Bank guarantee update.

Video 2 – “How to build a profitable property portfolio.” 57 minutes 4 seconds

2.1 How to build a profitable portfolio in the current market
2.2 How to create multiple income streams through other forms of investing
2.3 When to buy and when to sell
2.4 Get The Max
2.5 Take a look at some of Nathan’s properties
2.6 Nathan showcases 21 of his own properties and talks through how they add value to his portfolio.

Video 3 – “Financing your portfolio” 65 minutes 42 seconds

3.1 How to finance a large portfolio in the current climate
3.2 How lending platforms need to adapt for profitable strategies
3.3 How to structure your finances
3.4 Common finance pitfalls
3.5 How to be finance ready at all times
3.6 What do interest rates mean and when to use the different options available
3.7 The correlation between financial planning and lending

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