The difference between poor people and wealthy people.


What makes one person wealthy and the other poor? Is it luck? Hardly.


According to Nathan, a millionaire mindset is the key difference between wealthy people and poor people.


He has identified seven differences that could explain why fortune shines brightly on some but not others.


  1. Wealthy people have a thirst for knowledge and self-education.

Whereas a lot of poor people get their information about the world from TV shows and the news, wealthy people are out there looking for resources that can educate them. They read books and listen to podcasts with an emphasis on self-improvement and education. They don’t just accept whatever version of reality is presented in the mainstream media, they go against the grain to explore new ideas and question the legitimacy of every source.


  1. Poor people want to get paid for their time.

From clock on to clock off, poor people tend to have a traditional view of earning money. But, while those who are enslaved to the system expect to get paid for their time, those who are running the system get paid for the actions they take and the results they create. They invest to make assets work for themselves and set up business ventures that will make them money.


  1. Wealthy people don’t get stuck on the blame game.

Poor people tend to blame others and the system at large for not being successful. Wealthy people, on the other hand, tend to take responsibility for their actions. Although there are corrupt individuals out there who are wealthy and don’t own up to doing the wrong thing by others, when it comes to becoming successful, wealthy people take matters into their own hands. They don’t just sit there blaming the world for holding them back, they take action to change their situation for the better.


  1. Poor people focus on savings and income.

You work, you save, you earn interest – right? Well, that’s how poor people think they will get ahead. Wealthy people, on the other hand, invest their money, capital and resources in order to build their net worth position. They use their connections to make stuff happen and they grow lasting wealth by acquiring the right combination of assets.


  1. Wealthy people are usually more open-minded.

Many poor people allow their opinions to hold them back. Wealthy people are able to move forward on their financial journey because they are open to new ideas and different ways of seeing things. They are open to knowledge and open to change – not set in their ways about money and money making.


  1. Poor people think money is bad.

A lot of people stay poor because they think money is essentially a bad thing. It is the root of all evil; something they shouldn’t accumulate or even talk about. Wealthy people see things differently. They think of poverty as being bad, and will take action to ensure they can live life on their terms.


  1. Wealthy people don’t get tricked by get rich schemes.

A lot of poor people waste time and money looking for the next get rich quick buzz. In contrast, wealthy people have a more pragmatic mentality. They form well-thought out strategies based on research and number crunching. They bring risk management into the equation and they make sure they put in whatever it takes in order to succeed.


Educate Yourself And Have A Millionaire Mindset!

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