Once Nathan would have once called it “Sydney’s worst suburb,” yet, in this neighbourhood in Sydney’s far west, Nathan has made millions of dollars – both for himself and many of his clients.

In fact, the only regrets Nathan has about investing in this area is that he didn’t buy more when the opportunities were ripe.



This is the neighbourhood where ‘struggle street’ was filmed.

When Nathan started buying houses here, the neighbourhood was rife with troublesome youth. Houses were being burned down, there was a lot of violence and properties were cheap.



The initial properties Nathan bought in this area were houses that had been burnt out. He would pick them up for $110,000 to $120,000 and spend about $50,000 on renovations.

He also invested a lot of sweat equity.

Nowadays, there are houses in this neighbourhood that are selling for $550,000 to $570,000.



Nathan used to get told that properties in this area would never go up in value. People used to laugh at him for buying here – but he is the one who is laughing now.

The clients who listened to his advice and bought here are also laughing.

Over the last six years, Nathan has made many people millionaires thanks to ‘struggle street.’

In fact, the properties that he and his clients were buying for $180,000 have quadrupled in value over the last few years.



The neighbourhood has been cleaned up quite a bit since Nathan started investing here.

Occasionally he still purchases properties in the neighbourhood if the price is good.

However, there are many more opportunities out there that he would rather buy into at this stage of his investing.


WHAT CAN $550,000 GET YOU?

While properties in this suburb can be picked up for $550,000, it is possible to buy something even better for this price.

$550,000 could be used to buy land and build in a family friendly area, thanks to Binvested’s group buying power.

$550,000 could also be used to purchase two houses in a blue-collar area of Brisbane or Queensland’s Gold Coast.

There are so many opportunities out there to make money through property investing. For those with a well-thought out strategy and diligent knowledge of the market, now is the time to make a move.

Have you made money investing in a ‘rough’ area? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


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