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The evolution of Nathan Birch, the property investor.


Nathan Birch, the property investor, has certainly made an impression in the media over the past decade. But while the 34-year-old is mainly known for his no bullshit attitude and his success as a property investor, we feel the man behind the name has never been properly introduced. 


Australia … meet Nathan.


As a loving son, brother and uncle, Nathan comes from a family background where a life of hard work was necessary, just to make ends meet.


This truth was most painfully felt after the tragic and unexpected death of Nathan’s father at the age of 62. 


“He never got to retire,” says Nathan.


“Right now, my mum and him should be travelling the country in a caravan. They should be staying at their weekender on the Central Coast, which was a region he liked.”


Instead he never got to purchase the weekender or the caravan – or even know the feeling of a lifetime’s work now done.


Nathan says it was this lifetime of hard work that led to his father’s fatal heart attack – and this was a legacy that he didn’t want to leave to his own kids, once he started a family.


Just 16 at the time, Nathan had to take responsibility for his own life. As the youngest of four, Nathan was the baby of the family. Yet, even so, he found himself growing up fast.


The pursuit of perfection.

So many people wouldn’t have tried to accomplish what Nathan did over the next 18 years. Whether they thought it was too risky – or not even possible, the majority of people out there just wouldn’t have made it happen.


But the difference with Nathan was not luck, it was not some secret handout received along the way – it wasn’t even a rich uncle leaving an inheritance.


Despite Nathan’s lack of success at school, he actually has all the trademarks of a perfectionist.


You see – when he puts his mind to something, he stops at nothing to make it happen. He has an unstoppable sense of drive and purpose – some would say it even borders on obsession. Maybe. But the thing is, he knew what he wanted to achieve from a young age – and he has made it happen.


He could see a future laid out in front of him where he was always at work. A future where he would hardly ever see his kids. A future where he died young and never got to enjoy his life.


That was his motivation. It was born from loss and the question of how things may have been different for his father if it wasn’t for the daily grind.


What to do with his life.


Jump forward to the age of 24 and Nathan experienced a sense of freedom that was actually scary.


He had just left his job to live off his investment income. This was no small feat – he had sacrificed the years of his life where most others took gap years, studied and partied just about every night. He had traded this lifestyle for one of work and saving and investing every cent he could spare.


All of a sudden, he could do whatever he wanted – whenever he wanted. 


“It was so awesome, it was scary,” he says.


He didn’t need to worry about money anymore and he felt liberated.


Binvested was born.

When Nathan quit his job, he says he had a big ego and a lot of ambition. The problem was that he had nothing much to do.


He started making educational videos about property investing on YouTube.


But what people were really interested in, was how he got properties for so cheap. With the help of then business partner Daniel Young, Binvested was born.


“I started helping people source properties,” he says.


Eventually, the company grew to a whole suite of businesses around the concept of “Exiting the Matrix.” Ten years on, it now includes a mortgage brokerage, a law firm, an accountancy firm and a property management team with a national reach.


Lessons learned over time.

One of the biggest lessons Nathan learned during his rise as a property investor and business man was how to act in the face of a challenge. Thanks to his never say die attitude, he has always managed to find a way to overcome obstacles and continue on a path of success.


He says he has made mistakes over the years – but it is how you handle those mistakes that determines whether you come back on top. 


The same goes for challenges. Nathan has faced plenty of lending roadblocks, as well as difficulties with property managers and tenants. He has had properties burn down, councils tell him no and tenants vandalise his investments. But, despite all this, he hasn’t given up.


“I’ve had to grow and evolve and push through those sorts of times,” He says.


If lenders have said no to giving him more finance, he doesn’t get upset about it – he simply thinks about what he needs to do to make it happen.


As a businessman, Nathan says he has learned many valuable lessons on how to be a good manager and how to deal with staffing issues.


“Through trial and error, I have been able to get great people and implement great processes and understand what I need to make things happen.”


Because of his can-do attitude, Nathan doesn’t have any regrets. He says that there will always be set backs, but it is how you come back that matters most.


A goal-driven strategy.


Any perfectionist needs a road map of goals and this is exactly what Nathan has centred his life around since starting out as an investor. He says he still uses the same Excel spreadsheet to strategize and formulate his intentions.


But something that really makes him stand out, is the way he focuses every aspect of his life on achieving. He doesn’t separate his time into work and leisure like most of us do. Instead, he sees every action he takes as being essential in whether or not he has success.


This is why he never falls off the bandwagon and becomes reckless with his money. He never goes on a holiday from being financially responsible – unlike many of us do at Christmas time.


Family comes first.

While so many of us feel conflicted when it comes to work and looking after our loved ones, Nathan knew from an early age that he wanted to avoid this fate. 


Now that he has achieved so many of his goals and is financially free, Nathan has been able to help his mother and dote on his many nieces and nephews.


He is proof that it is possible to set yourself up financially, without committing to a whole lifetime of work. And it is this proof that continues to inspire Australians from all kinds of backgrounds to believe that they too have a choice on how their life plays out.

A lot of people think that the incredible part of Nathans story relates to the number of properties he has … but in actual fact its his resilience, his determination and his focus when achieving his goals that makes him so inspiring to others.

There is no 200+ property portfolio without all of the above. 

That’s why Nathan and his team only work with people who display the same values.

Do you think you have these values? Do you want Nathan to personally mentor you on your property investment journey? 

Maybe he will.  There only one way to find out …


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