Nathan loves to do his own renovations when he can and one of his favourite hacks is using a spray gun to paint the inside of a newly built three-bedroom home, with all three coats taking just one afternoon.

Weapons of choice

Nathan has a mid-range airless spray gun, worth about $1000. The top line versions of these products can set you back a couple of grand, while the cheapest you can get them on eBay for $300 or $400, but they may not work as well.

Nathan’s paint of choice is Lexicon Half. It’s a very simple, neutral colour which will go on walls and ceiling, so that both are the same colour.

Fire away

First he sprays the paint onto some cardboard in a patch of the garden to get the paint stream started and make sure it’s coming out of the gun the way it should and looks OK. As the house is a new build, the garden is overgrown and he may have killed a few weeds, but that’s OK.

Then it’s inside where he can paint a whole house very quickly.

He sprays side to side from ceiling to floor, noting it’s important you’re wearing old clothes as there’s a bit of splash back happening.

The time saving is immediately obvious when compared to using a roller or paint brush, as Nathan goes down one whole wall in a matter of moments. Though it is important to have a brush and roller handy in case something goes wrong or there is a part that isn’t quite right and you need to go over it to fix it.

One down

In about 50 minutes, the house has one base coat of paint. It can look like it has lines at first, which is just the way it’s drying. It is thicker in some places than others and it is a primer paint, designed for undercoats.

The spray gun has saved Nathan having to get inside linen closets, and up to the ceiling in other tricky parts of the house, doing it all by hand.

No rest yet

A lot of people have asked Nathan why he does a full renovation at once. Well the reason is that you can get in and out of painting a house in a few hours, rather than a few days or weeks and you don’t have to worry about being careful of the carpet and tiles.

Painting it all in one go first means that when tilers come to tile the bathrooms and other parts of the house, the painting is done. So, next is the first coat of proper paint.

Two down

This coat took about 40 minutes and a walk around the house shows it looking like a much more regular paint job, rather than the streakier primer that made up the base coat. One more coat to go and then the house is ready for the tiling the next day.

Three down and done

With the third coat done, the house is fully painted. It’s a brand new build, it has been fully painted with three coats in one afternoon. Nathan has saved money on labour and materials, plus the added bonus is that he has knocked the job over quickly and can move onto his next project. So if you’ve got a new build or a renovation underway, put this hack in your back pocket and get amongst it.

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