Jo Pascoe and her husband Ben, have been trying to crack the Newcastle housing market for 4 years.

In the meantime, the couple, along with their two young sons, Kobe aged 7, and Tristan aged 2, were fast outgrowing their modest, mid-century rental home in inner Newcastle.

Despite having a good sized deposit of $100,000 they couldn’t find anything suitable within their budget. “We haven’t been able to make it happen. Everything has been going through the roof in these areas. Even where we rent now is not a flash area, but everything’s completely out of our price range” says Jo.

Luckily, Jo and Ben heard of a way they could get huge discounts on properties through ‘bulk buying’ together with others.

By banding together and using people power to negotiate, buyers are able to get big discounts off retail property prices. What’s more, each buyer buys their home individually as normal. There is no split ownership as each home is fully owned by the buyer, in this case Jo and Ben.

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Jo learned of a new lifestyle land release in Fletcher, just 20 mins from Newcastle CBD. Jo was immediately attracted to the family friendly community.

“It’s peaceful and tranquil. You feel you are not far from the CBD but you get nice parks and bushland. You have everything you need with a shopping centre and schools. It’s a really nice community. It’s just the place we were looking for to raise our kids”.

Finally Jo and Ben have found the solution to their lifestyle dreams at a price they can actually afford.

“Our goal is to have a nice family home that we can grow into. This gives us a chance to have a brand new house in a beautiful area”.

They have signed off on their land and plan to build a four bedroom home with space to entertain downstairs and privacy for the family upstairs.

But it’s not just being able to afford a home that has the Pascoe’s so excited, it’s the profit they expect to make within the next 12 to 18 months.

“By the time we put the keys in the door we expect to make from $175,000 to $300,000 equity”

By buying below retail value, Jo and Ben are not only saving themselves $100,000’s but also giving themselves more financial options in the near future.

“We’ve always been interested in investing in property. We are hoping to reinvest that equity from our family home into something else in the future”.

Bulk buying like this is a completely new approach. A big reason it hasn’t been done before is because it only works when a large number of buyers decide to buy at the same time.

Buyer’s Agent Nathan Birch from Binvested first introduced the idea, sharing it with his community of private investors. Today he is opening up bulk property deals to the public and first home buyers, like the Pascoes too.

“Home buyers and investors don’t need to be fighting against each other. It’s important to work together to get the best deal possible. It’s the sellers we need to be competing with. If there is a way we can all benefit and get cheaper prices, then why not take it?” Nathan says.

The final land release of 225 lots within Fletchers’ Sanctuary Estate is exclusively available only through Binvested. Blocks of land range between $275,000 to $360,000 depending on size and position. The land is due to be ready for building on in early to mid-2018.

“This is a perfect opportunity to lock in today’s prices with just a small deposit, and then continue saving whatever else you need in the meantime” Says Nathan Birch.

If you would like to know more about this or future opportunities, register your interest at the Binvested website

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