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Property investing is all about the decision to start – just start!

There has been a lot of talk about property investing in the public arena lately, and many different opinions about the market. The way to start investing, in any conditions, is to make the decision and just do it.

Taking the plunge into property investing can only happen if you are committed. There are always hurdles that people use as excuses, from high property prices and strict lending changes to a lack of income. These are just mental blocks that need to be overcome. Interest rates are currently low and rental returns are generally high, meaning there are still plenty of opportunities in the market.

Getting into the investment market may mean looking around for properties that suit what you can afford. Heated markets, such as Sydney, may not be affordable but there are opportunities available if you broaden your scope. Find something that is financially and strategically sound, that will get you on the way to where you want to be.

The first step in investing is to make the decision. Commit to invest, then do what it takes to move forward. The first step may vary depending on your situation – it may be the decision to get a second job, to take action, to research, to commit to buying a property or to commit to save for a deposit. No matter what that first step needs to be, make the decision and make it happen.

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