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Last year was a good year for the Binvested community. Several of our clients were able to tell their boss where to go, while others made impressive gains after just starting on their journey.


Co-founder of Binvested, Nathan Birch, shares some examples of clients who have achieved great things in 2016.




This client came to us after purchasing a couple of properties that did him more harm than good.


Perhaps it was fear of making the wrong choice that made him hold back from the deal Nathan laid in front of him. Whatever it was, he was very reluctant to buy the property on offer back in 2013.



Nathan, however, was very persuasive.


This client had confidence in what Nathan had achieved and decided to push through the “what-ifs” and take the opportunity by the shoulders.


Four years on, and the client has made his first million. How?


He purchased two side-by-side properties for $940,000 in Fairfield. After putting through a Development Application that allows for two duplexes to be built on the back of the land, the client expects to make $1.5 million upon selling – without even having to build anything!


$1.5 million will be enough for this client to pay off his investment and personal home mortgage and live a family life that is unencumbered.




This young man didn’t fall for the doom and gloom stories that so many of his generation feel burdened by. He knew there was a way to purchase a property, so he set out to find it.


His parents ought to be congratulated. They had enough faith in their son to lend him $50,000 of their own equity to get him started as an investor.


This client had also saved $20,000 of his own. He purchased a villa on the NSW Central Coast for $300,000, using this $70,000 deposit and a modest income of around $50,000 a year.


The villa had a neutral cash flow, with rent coming in at around $330 each week.


Within six months of purchasing, the property went up by $100,000 in value.


He has now purchased a block of land on which he plans to build a duplex.


With the profits from this next venture, he intends to pay down debt, buy a principle place of residence and pay back his parent’s loan in full.


These seemingly amazing results are not unusual, even for someone on a modest salary.




After being initially rejected by the banks, this young family found a way purchase two properties within six months after joining the Binvested community.


Feeling trapped by a negatively geared investment and the mortgage repayments on their own home, they found a new way forward during a Binvested Map session.


After uncrossing their investment property from their personal home, they were able to access equity from their home to purchase a two-bedroom house in Sydney for $335,000.



By investing $8,000 in a renovation, the family hoped to boost value and access equity for another investment purchase in 12 months’ time.


They didn’t have to wait this long. Six months after joining Binvested, the family went on to purchase a second property.


After experiencing such success in 2016, the family is now considering a development project to take them to the next level.


You can get to know more about their journey here.




One of the things Nathan he takes pride on in his role as Buyers Agent, is that he is able to tailor custom strategies.


By doing this, he has been able to help those who feel stuck move forward with their investing and reach new heights of success.


“It’s not a matter of just buying a property, it’s the strategy behind it that counts.” he says.


This is why Binvested offers many different strategies like buy and hold, develop and flip, renovate, subdivid etc.


Every angle is tried and tested as Nathan brings his own success as an investor to every client he meets.




Nathan says, one of his goals for 2017 is to focus on helping first home-buyers enter the market.


But, you can only lead a horse to water – you can’t make them drink it.


Success truly depends on the attitude and willingness of the individual to do whatever it takes.


“Those who have been brave enough to take action have been the ones to bear fruit,” says Nathan, about Binvested clients in 2016.


He is looking forward to helping more clients achieve their goals over the course of 2017.


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