Quickest $20M Nathan Has Ever Made

Recently, b Invested founder Nathan Birch was going about his daily life when he received a call from a friend who’d been looking to buy an acreage in the local area for somewhere between $1.5 million and $2 million.

He told Nathan that there was currently nothing under $3 or $4 million.

Nathan was surprised as he was used to seeing plenty of properties below $2 million in the area, so he went online to check it out.

And he saw that there were only a handful of properties under $3 million in the area. He thought about it because he has six properties in the area himself and he realised he’s been so busy doing deals elsewhere and various other things that he no longer spends a lot of time staying up to date with the current state of his own property portfolio.

So, he opened his spreadsheets, checked out recent sales online and updated his properties’ values in accordance with market movements and realised that in the last 6 months, his net worth has increased by $20 million. It was just passive wealth.

To put it in perspective

If you earned $50,000 a year, you spend 40 years of your life earning $2 million. In the last 6 months, Nathan has earned 10 times that amount without having to do anything. He’s been living his life while the value of his property portfolio has passively increased.

Reflecting on this made him realise that even though there have been hurdles along the way and things have gone wrong, he has been right to keep faith with his processes and systems.

People might say property investment is easy, or property investment is hard but Nathan made many choices along the way. He chose not to go and get a job; he chose to invest; he chose to do things to make sure he could get deals done which stretched him at the time but paid off later. It was all these little things that were crucial to getting him to where he wanted to be.

It’s about understanding the game we’re playing, understanding all the risks around it then minimizing that risk and having a clear outcome in mind that you are trying to achieve.

Markets move

The cornerstone of making money from your property portfolio is the fact that property markets move. When people buy, renovate and sell properties for a profit, it’s generally not their skill that has made the property go up in value but the property market.

A lot of people that have felt pretty smart over the last couple of years buying and flipping properties and making a bit of money each time, may not really be that smart because the property market has made them money but repeating their trick over and over again isn’t really a sound strategy.

Doing the hard yards

It’s not luck that Nathan was able to earn $20 million in 6 months.

He has always had financial goals, strategies and systems in place to get to where he wants to be. He remembers the times where he spent 14 hours a day doing all his own renovations. He remembers one year where, working 2 jobs, he worked every single day of the year.

He did it all to acquire the assets he needed for freedom; to create the intergenerational wealth he wanted to create.

His message is to keep hustling, keep doing what you’re doing and if it’s not working, refine the process. Systemise yourself and keep pushing towards your end goal. And if you need help with that, reach out to b Invested.