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 Self-Confessed Shopaholic Kate Became A Young Property Investor !



“Creating financial security through property investment is now important to me. I can’t wait to retire early from the workforce, enjoy midday yoga sessions, spend more time with family and friends and continue traveling overseas”

Kate Pokorny. Sydney, Australia


Key Stats

Kate Pokorny, 28, Customer Service
Starting savings: $50,000
Starting equity: $0


Key Achievements with Binvested

Number of properties with Binvested: 1 property
Current Binvested property rental income: $290 per week
Current Binvested property mortgage repayments: $162 per week
Duration with Binvested: A few months

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Young Sydneysider Kate Pokorny thought that she would be able to buy property. Although she lived with her parents and didn’t have many expenses, the prospect of getting her own place seemed impossible. Admittedly, Kate says she spent majority of her income on luxuries which she says were her “reward for hard work”. In her opinion these things were indispensable however, they significantly slowed the rate at which her savings accumulated, ultimately pushing her dreams of owning property and reaching financial freedom further and further away.

One day Kate received a reality check and was forced to reassess her spending habits and where they would lead her in the future. She realized that all the money she worked so hard for was being spent on things which lose their value very quickly. By giving into the temptation of instant gratification, she was at risk of being miserable later in life by not having the wealth to retire comfortably.

With this bleak prospect in mind, Kate’s resolve crystalized and she knew she needed to change her ways. She significantly cut back on her spending, focused on saving and within 18 months had saved enough for a property deposit.

Even still, Kate had many reservations in regard to putting so much money into a property. Oddly, her mindset still pulled her to her old ways, enticing her to spend that chunk of money on a brand new car rather than an asset like property!

Despite the upside, owning property seemed like a very big financial responsibility and a sentence to a life live of austerity. However, Kate was able to eventually overcome her fears with the help of Binvested. The Binvested team tailored an investment strategy and found the right property to make sure  she could balance her lifestyle with property investment.  Today she has more income coming in than expenses from her property .

In 2016, Kate purchased a 2-bedroom townhouse in Brisbane for $195,000 for approximately $30,000 below market value. The property has a strong cash flow of about $1,200 per month which covers it’sown costs.

When it comes to facing your fears and pulling the trigger Kate says, “Get out of your comfort zone ASAP and put your trust in a team of experts who will guide you to where you need to go. Be open to different options in order to reach your goals and always ignore negativity from others”. Kate believes taking advice from those who are already in a position that she wanted to be in attributed to starting her off on the right foot.

With one property already under her belt Kate is developing a hunger for more. Kate says, “My initial goal was to have one investment property. However, investing through Binvested has opened my horizons on what is possible. I am now looking at acquiring my second property and moving forward, I’d like to purchase two properties per year”.

Kate’s biggest words of advice to other young women is “not be afraid of taking control of your own financial position and become involved in property investing. Be sure to learn the difference between what is actually a need vs. a want in life. Learning to develop delayed gratification and sacrifice now means you can look forward to big rewards down the track”.

Do you want to get a kick start onto the property ladder like Kate?  

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