Property Education

An investment in knowledge, pays the best dividends.

The right property education will empower you to live life on your terms. Knowledge is power.

Whether you are looking to buy a home, buy an investment or continue growing your property portfolio – it pays to get educated on property.

The best education isn’t the one which will stuff you full of obscure facts. The best education is one which teaches you how to think for yourself. The best education upgrades your mindset.

That’s exactly why we’ve developed a range of books, workshops, and educational resources to help you see the big picture.

Once you have this vision, you’ll unlock the skills and strategies needed to put the winning puzzle pieces together.

Exit The Matrix eBook

A comprehensive workbook to inspire you and provide a framework for you to tackle your property investment journey.


MAP Session

A concise, no BS property investment education session like no other, taught by a self made property multimillionaire. Learn about the essential foundations of any successful, high performing property portfolio.


Mentoring Program

We’re about to enter the next stage of the financial system. This is not the GFC 2.0, it’s bigger than that and you need to be prepared. The RAW and UNCUT Mentoring Program will give you the tools you need to survive what Nathan Birch is calling the GFD. You will learn from Nathan himself, who has over a decade of property investment experience and built his property portfolio during the GFC.


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