Stop Talking About Successful Property Investors!


You may think it is hard enough to pay off one mortgage let alone ten. But, as Nathan reveals, successful property investors are not the only people who can clear their debt and build wealth, average people can too.


Property is just a vehicle.

There are multiple ways you can pay off your mortgage quicker. Some involve property and others don’t, but they all have a well-thought out plan backing them up.


Nathan has always seen properties as a vehicle that could carry him to financial freedom. But, if you aren’t interested in building a property portfolio, there are some other ways you could pay off your debt sooner.


Buying one more property.

Say you had a property with a $200,000 debt attached. It may be possible to buy one more property for $200,000 and wait for it to double in value. If the property had a neutral cashflow it wouldn’t leave you out of pocket. Also, if it was purchased below market value with a good upside for growth, you would be helping to minimise the risk involved.


Once it doubled in value, you could sell it for $400,000, use half of this to pay off your loan and the other half to pay off your original mortgage.


Refinancing your debt.

Refinancing is another way you could pay off your mortgage quicker. If you have been stuck with a 5% interest rate, you could save thousands by swapping to one of the many low rate loans now available.

Our team at Zinger Finance can help you with your refinancing needs. 

Develop a budget.

Budgeting is a great way to take charge of your financial situation. By identifying all your ingoings and outgoings you can decide whether you can cut any expenses that aren’t really necessary.


Shopping around for electricity and internet providers can also help you save money, while finding extra sources of income can do much to improve your cashflow.


Moving on from a traditional view of debt.

Unlike many people, Nathan isn’t too worried about paying off debt. Instead, he uses it to leverage his position and build wealth. It’s how he became one of Australia’s most successful property investors.


When he started buying properties, he realised that if he paid each one off before buying the next he wouldn’t be able to take advantage of the opportunities out there. Properties would keep going up and he would miss out.


He came up with a strategy that, if he positioned himself well, could help him to build a much better networth and a passive income stream.


As Nathan explains, building wealth is not just about property, it is about understanding how the monetary system works and using it to your advantage.


In fact, you don’t need to have a property portfolio to reach financial freedom – but you do need to have a plan.


Have you been able to save money by thinking outside the square? Please share your experiences in the comments section below. 


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