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How does a company like Binvested flourish in a seemingly struggling industry?



In a market of ups and downs, Binvested has stayed strong over the last decade, and flourished in an environment where others have withered.


What lies in the success of a Buyers Agency? So what’s our secret?


Well, actually we don’t have one. Our success comes down to so many different factors we thought we’d share them with you below.


Happy birthday to us!



This year, Binvested celebrated ten years in the industry. One of the things that makes us different is that we were born out of passion – and, just a teeny bit of boredom.


You see, Nathan Birch left the workforce at the age of 24 in order to live off his investment income. It was quite a feat – but it left him wondering what to do with his time. 


He decided to start Binvested as an education based business that would help others achieve what he had done. He wanted to share his knowledge and experience – and spread the word that it was possible to exit the matrix.


What is Binvested?

Despite popular belief, we are not just a buyer’s agency. We are all about financial health, and as the years went on, Nathan expanded Binvested to include a suite of services that could help anyone improve their position.


Whether or not you are investing, lodging your tax return, starting a business or setting up a will, we have specialists who are way above the game when it comes to giving you the best advice.


We are also a community. Not all of our members are paying clients. We speak to people globally from all different walks of life through our blog and our social media channels.


Nathan’s YouTube videos have been a source of inspiration to countless investors, businesses and individuals who want to become financially savvy.


We say it as it is.


One of the reasons Nathan has been so popular among those looking to exit the daily grind is because he says things as they are. He doesn’t try and spruik properties or make the market look better than what it is – he tells it as he sees it.


This isn’t always looked upon kindly by his peers – but Nathan doesn’t give a shit. He wants the world to know how the financial system works so they can use it to their advantage to build wealth and live life on their terms. 


Clients and staff both appreciate the honesty Nathan has brought to an industry built on vested interests. 


We have an amazing team.

When he brought together all the best property managers, mortgage brokers and financial experts he had worked with over the years, Nathan knew he was creating something extra special. 


He wanted to helm a company that didn’t stuff people around or lose them money – he wanted the best. So, the best is what he got.


This work environment has subsequently fostered the professional growth of all involved while diversifying their knowledge across all areas of the brand.


Having the right people for the right positions has been one of the biggest causes of our success.


But it’s not just our experience that sets us apart – it’s the time and effort all our staff members put in to ensure they are achieving their goals as well as the goals of the company.


We grow in the same direction.

Nathan recalls reading a quote that summed up the goals of the Binvested group quite nicely.


“If you could get all the people in an organisation growing in the same direction, you could dominate any industry, in any market, against any competition, at any time.”


This is exactly what he has done across all his brands. Binvested has standard operating procedures across the whole organisation to ensure quality is attended to in a streamlined way.


This ensures we are always travelling in the same direction as our clients.


We are adaptable to all markets.

We have flourished through all sorts of markets – the good, the bad and the ugly. In fact, Nathan has proven himself to be ahead of the game when it comes to calling market trends.


He starting talking about our current recession two years ago. And, while he copped a lot of flak from his peers, his knowledge allowed him and the members of our community to set themselves up to take advantage of it, rather than be damaged by it.


“As a business, we need to be ahead – we need to be thinking about things before they happen,” says Nathan.


“We’ve been able to lead the market because we can forecast these things happening.”


“Most people won’t get ready.”


“But, it is important to be educated and do those things that might not seem nice to do at the time.”


When he helps people build property portfolios, he always looks ahead to property number six, seven or eight in order to set up their foundations right.


To do this, he needs to look at the market and prognosticate on future conditions or opportunities that may affect the client at this stage.


In this way, both his businesses and his community of clients have thrived on his ability to foresee what the future will hold in the global economy.


We invest time in our education.


But, it’s not just Nathan who spends countless hours researching global markets. He sets homework for his staff to do the same. Each team member has access to his mentoring program so they can be as knowledgeable as he is.


As a business, we also have shared resources that enable our staff members to learn about all aspects of our companies. We have libraries within each brand that are accessible to all on our staff intranet.


Personal development and growth are also big factors across the board.


As a result, our team members hold themselves accountable for their actions and results.


“I’m only as good as the people around me and I think that expands to the community of people that we help,” says Nathan.


The time we invest in our education allows us to be a powerful force – it gives us a well-rounded knowledge base that gives us the competitive edge in every aspect of the industry.


Our longevity in the industry.

When Nathan started Binvested ten years ago, he entered the industry as the third buyer’s agent in Australia.


Nowadays, there are so many buyers’ agents out there who have little experience that Nathan doesn’t like what the term has come to mean.


In contrast to all those BAs that speak BS, Nathan knows what he is doing, and what he is talking about. Instead of completing a one-week real estate course like most BAs, Nathan has spent 15 years building a property portfolio of more than 200 properties – and that’s just for himself.


As for his clients, he has been a part of more than 10,000 real estate transactions, and is even helping the grown up kids of his long term customers achieve wealth.


We innovate in the face of challenges.


Is hasn’t been an easy market to navigate over the past decade, but we have been successful in the face of challenges. 


Not only have we helped countless investors move forward with our tailored strategies, we have also developed technology that has enabled our business to thrive.


One example is Blink, our asset management firm – or, you might know it as a property management office.


Nathan recently took Blink national so that Australians everywhere could have asset managers looking after their rental properties – instead of real estate agents who were losing so much money for investors everywhere.


By using innovative technology that allows our asset managers to work on the road, instead of being locked to their desk, Blink is setting new standards that all those real estate agents out there aren’t going to like.


Our streamlined processes are making it possible for our asset managers to attend to rental enquiries within ten minutes.


Our business model is sustainable.

Just as the property portfolios Nathan builds for his clients and himself are recession proof, so are his business models.


“I look at the businesses I have created as being an extension to my clients’ portfolios,” he says.


“So, if it’s not sustainable in one aspect, the other aspect is not going to be sustainable either.” 


In other words, he takes a holistic approach – knowing full well that if he doesn’t get the right results for his clients, then he won’t get the right results for Binvested.


When it comes to what we offer, we have a range of services and products across our brands. We help investors and home owners get finance, we offer investor savvy accounting, we have excellent asset managers and a buyers’ agency that partners with clients over the long term. We also have independent financial planners and solicitors on board.


But the biggest focus of the brand is on education – and this is integral to every aspect of the business.


It’s what sets us apart from others who offer a cookie cutter approach to finance, property and financial planning. We offer a solution based business that enables us to impart our strong understanding of all aspects of the financial market.


At Binvested, we are here to help – we’re not here to sell you things you don’t need or trick you into paying our wages. We are here to look at your situation and figure out how you can use our time-tested methods for success in your own journey to financial freedom.

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