Everything we do here at b Invested is tailored to the individual. There is no one-size fits all with the property investment strategies we use.

We’ve helped these members of the b Invested community, and so many more, on their journey towards financial freedom by implementing property investment strategies that are specific to their personal circumstances.

Everyone in the b Invested community has come from very different walks of life. They are all different ages with different financial positions and have different financial goals but, in the end, they’ve improved their financial position and are now on the path to financial freedom.

Will you be the next Rochelle or David? That’s up to you!

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// “Our rental income is now higher than the income from our jobs, which is great.”

How A Young Couple Bought 22 Properties In 3 Years

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// “The information I got from b Invested at the map session was too valuable. It just changed everything…We should have done this 10 years earlier."

How Kerwin and Anthea Found A Safe Way To Use Equity From Their Family Home To Invest In Property

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// “There’s no way we would have gotten 7 properties and a block of land in a year, doing it ourselves. We realised with the deposit we had, we could get a lot more properties with b Invested, rather than going on our own.”

Young Family Buys 8 Investment Properties Within A Year! Now Aiming For Their Dream Home

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// “Today the entire property portfolio is sitting on around $2.5 million and the equity on that is worth around $700,000.”

How Anthony Overcame His Fear Of Debt To Make $700,000 In Just 2 Years

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// "b Invested has been instrumental in changing our mindset. We now look at investment and living in a whole different way."

How A Mum And Dad Made $1.9M In 4 Years, Plus $300K In Passive Income

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