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Everything we do is tailored to the individual. There is no one-size fits all.

We’ve helped these members of the Binvested community, and so many more, on their journey towards financial freedom by implementing property investment strategies that are specific to their personal circumstances.

Will you be the next Janine or David? That’s up to you!

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// "Without Binvested we would still be stuck, we wouldn’t be able to go any further. Binvested changed it all for us. We should have done this 10 years earlier!"

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// "There’s no way we would have gotten 7 properties and a block of land in a year, doing it ourselves. We realised with the deposit we had, we could get a lot more property with Binvested, rather than going on our own".

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// "We can now look forward to a beautiful family home, in a beautiful area with $175,000 in equity the same day we move in".

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// "Today the entire portfolio is sitting on around $2.5 million and the equity on that is worth around $700,000".

How Anthony Overcame His Fear Of Debt To Make $700,000 In Just 2 Years.

Anthony grew up as a child of Vietnamese migrants in Sydney. His parents were very conscious with money, and taught him to avoid debt. Unfortunately, this blinded him to the power of financial leverage. Today he’s embraced ‘good debt’ as a tool for building wealth.

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// "Binvested has been instrumental in changing our mindset. We now look at investment and living in a whole different way".

How A Mum And Dad Made $1.9M In 4 Years, Plus $300K In Passive Income.

Melissa and Andrew have always wanted to retire early and be financially free. Using the equity in their family home, they found a winning strategy through property investment.

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