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// "I have utmost confidence and respect for the Binvested team. Each purchase I made was well below market value and has gone through the roof!”

Investor rebounds from bad property deals and pockets $390,000 in just 2 years.

After purchasing his fourth property, David hit a wall. He has negative cash flow and negative equity, and hadn’t seen any rewards for his investment efforts. Find out how Binvested helped turn his fortunes around.

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// "These guys know what they are doing. At every step there’s someone to talk to and make sure you are comfortable with what you are doing".

Entrepreneur Builds $4.2+ M in Property Wealth Within Just 3 Years.

Mitch invested in property on his own before later realized that he didn’t have the time, energy of expertise to find winning properties. Binvested opened his eyes and unleashed his potential to turbo-charge his portfolio.

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// "12 months ago I started with $60,000. Today I have 4 properties and over $120,000 in net worth!"

How Roy and Rowena Kick Started Their Property Portfolio.

Roy and Rowena realized early in their 20’s that they couldn’t put their financial future in the hands of the government or super industry. They needed to take control of their own retirement. That’s how they got into rentvesting as a means to get ahead.

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// "Binvested showed me how to get the most for my money. They found a way to get me in the market quicker, with less cash up front".

23 Year Old Ozkan Set To Save $150,000 On First Home.

Living in Sydney made Ozkan think home ownership was out of reach. “The costs of property here is so high. Prices seemed to rise quicker than I could save for a deposit”.

That was until a family member put him onto Binvested.

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// "Binvested came up with a solution that I wouldn’t have thought of otherwise”.

26 Year Old Finds Creative Way To Buy First Home & Make $400k.

At the start of her 20’s, Rochelle realized she didn’t want to work her entire life and was determined to find a way to exit the rat race early. She also wanted to buy a home and start a family. How could she do it all?

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