What Steps Are You Taking To Position Yourself For A Checkmate?

Here’s a video from our b Invested founder, Nathan Birch, explaining how to play within the boundaries of the Grandmasters so you can own the entire chessboard. 

Topics discussed:

– A 50 basis point rate hike is not the end of the world

– Here’s why our currency is on life support

– A buying opportunity for property investors

– The failures of our economic system

– The reasons behind your household bills rising

– The looming global economic collapse

– How to gear up for what’s ahead in the financial market

Do not be fearful…Nathan believes the financial system cannot support any further rate hikes for more than a 12 month period.

The only people who should be worried is those who value the currency.

Those who are in the game for the long run understand how currencies work and how to own the chessboard. ♟️

When rates go back down, what happens?

It is an opportunity to get cash flow assets on SALE, whatever gets caught in the glitch. 

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