The New Age Of Censorship

What does censorship look like in 2022?

You don’t have to go far to find out. If you put posts on facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or a number of other platforms, you can be censored. You can have posts removed, you can have accounts suspended for a certain amount of time. You might be subject to ‘fact checking’, or simply find that your opinions don’t align with the ones that the social media platforms choose to adhere to.

This was why b Invested founder Nathan Birch created BirchFEED, which can now be accessed for free at By creating this channel, Nathan could share the articles or information that he wanted to share and say what he wants without fear of censorship.

Once Nathan created it, he started off with 10 or 20 people in his community; then by the time it was officially launched there were about 100 people. Growth over the last 2 years has seen BirchFEED turn into a very close-looped community of 1500 people.

If you want to be a part of BirchFEED

Nathan welcomes all to join, but with the disclaimer that he does send messages and tweets out any time of the day or night.

His philosophy is that while some people may say ‘ignorance is bliss’, he believes ignorance is one of the most dangerous things for a society. And with censorship where it is today, it is a scary time for a lot of people.

He believes the key is to arm yourself with the weapon of knowledge and understanding, which will help you protect yourself, survive and emerge as a better person on the other side.

Is the truth out there?

Nathan has spent time working in the media and has come to the realization that the media is not the place to turn to access the truth.

He has featured in media stories and believes it is plain to see that the media has an agenda.

He believes you will never see someone out there being able to say that the economy is not well because of what central banks are doing.

As an example, Nathan reflects on media coverage of him as a property investor five years ago. He might say various things in his interview, but select parts are then packaged up to make him sound like the dumb, lucky investor from Western Sydney; or on the other hand, he might be presented favourably in one story, or as a greedy investor in another.

The media might attack a baby boomer to make them look bad, even though they have worked hard all their life to pay off their property. It all depends on what their agenda is; what the story is that they’re trying to tell.

So what’s the current agenda?

Nathan believes it all comes down to the central banks. He says the only reason there is growth in the property markets, or any other markets for that matter, is that central banks keep printing money.

He says that people think their government is working for them, but that he believes government is simply middle management and that there are powers that be that exist far above their jurisdiction.

So where does BirchFEED come in?

BichFEED will share certain articles and things from alternative media outlets with its community, to help you analyse and dissect what is happening with the world today and how to prepare and protect yourself moving forward.

Nathan says that if you are fearful of the world you’re living in, you should think about what that fear is of, because that is what has influence over you and that’s what needs to be overcome.

He hopes BirchFEED may be able to help you with some of that knowledge. Because of this, Nathan has decided to make BirchFEED free to access. It used to be $1 a day but it’s now free, because he wants as many people as possible to be able to access the information that is shared.

Join the BirchFEED community to get access to Nathan’s uncensored and unfiltered thoughts on what’s currently happening in our world.

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