This is something Nathan gets asked a lot, but unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the first home buyers grant for an investment property.

In order to get the grant, buyers must be purchasing their principle place of residence (PPOR).

In NSW, the purchaser must live in the property for at least six consecutive months in order to prove the purchase was in fact for a PPOR.

Each state differs in legislative requirements, so it is advisable to speak with a property savvy lawyer that operates in the state of purchase.

Although helpful, the first home buyers grant is not only way to crack the market.

There are other ways that young Australians can get into the market in order to eventually live in their dream home. Nathan shares his views below.



Nathan Birch is on the cusp of living in his dream home.

He already owns more than 200 investment properties and, after receiving council approval, is embarking on the build of his career – a 2,200 square metre mansion he will call home.

How did he get to this point?

Not with the help of the first home buyers grant.

With some amusement, Nathan recalls when the Australian media named him “the Donald Trump of Sydney.”

(Thankfully, this was a long time before Trump took presidency.)

In fact, the reference was all to do with the property investment empire that Nathan had been busily building since the age of 18.

At the time of the article, Nathan owned about 150 investment properties – yet, he still hadn’t purchased a PPOR.

He knew that he couldn’t afford a dream home until he had built up enough net worth and income through his investing.

He saw each investment property as a “stepping stone” towards his dream house.



Just as a fleet of 20 taxis could generate enough income to purchase a Lamborghini, so could a fleet of properties support the purchase of a dream home, says Nathan.

To him, buying a PPOR is an emotional purchase. Building an investment portfolio is a business decision that Nathan has made in order to bring him home in luxury.

Why struggle to pay off a sub-standard house in an unfavourable, yet affordable, location when you can use a “fleet of properties” to generate income and capital wealth in order to purchase a dream house?



Most commonly, says Nathan, people have busy lives and property is the last thing they are interested in.

From the age of 13, Nathan immersed himself in a love of property and spend the next five years figuring out how he could own one of his own.

At 18 he signed his first contract of sale.

He never looked back; buying more and more investment properties.

He had soon built an asset base, as well as a name for himself as one of Australia’s youngest property tycoons.



1) Inform yourself – there are many resources available on property investing. Books, websites and magazines provide a wealth of information that Nathan himself never had access to as a novice.

2) Be wary of spruikers – just make sure that the info you source comes from a trusted expert who isn’t trying to make money off you. There are many property spruikers around who are simply trying to sell properties and earn huge commissions, all under the guise of “free seminars” and glossy brochures.

3) Take advice from those who have done what you would like to – find the experts who have made a true success in the field and find out how they did it. Develop relationships and get yourself a mentor you can trust.

4) Be wary of advice from those who don’t know what they are talking about – friends and family members may caution against what you are doing, but are they experts in the field? Have they made financial success of their own?

5) Have a clear strategy – don’t just go and buy an investment property for the sake of it. Figure out how each purchase will bring you closer to achieving your end goal of owning a PPOR. Purchase the right kinds of properties that deliver capital growth and/or cash flow in the right order for your needs.

Have you started building an investment property portfolio? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


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