Did Nathan Birch learn how to invest in property as part of his school education?


No he did not. Neither did Daniel, Janine, David and Rochelle, or any other members of the Binvested family.


For all our up and coming entrepreneurs who are still at school, we think it is pretty cool that you are reading this.


It means that you have something in common with those mentioned above. It also shows that you have a drive to make it big in life – and that you want to learn more.


The problem with school is that it falls short on teaching important life skills that can help you get ahead.


Who is teaching you?


You may have many great teachers at school. And you may also have some terrible ones.


Either way, your teachers are being paid a set wage to teach you the school syllabus.


If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, it is likely you have a few teachers who can’t afford to buy their own house. It is also likely that they, like many others in their position, like to have a good whinge from time to time about this.


How many teachers out there are taking action to build wealth so that they can exit the matrix and focus on their life’s passion?


And, how many teachers are educating their students on how to do this for themselves?


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What school doesn’t teach you.


Generally speaking, school doesn’t teach you:

  • How the global economy works,
  • How you can get ahead financially,
  • How to be passionate about your interests,
  • Business skills that can help you innovate and build wealth.


These are all important skills that can help you succeed in achieving your goals.


Even if your goals have nothing to do with building wealth, being able to achieve financial freedom can help you achieve your goals.


Say, for instance, you would like to set up an animal shelter, or do volunteer work abroad. If you need to work full-time just to get by, it is unlikely you will ever be able to achieve these goals.


But, if you have established an asset base and passive income stream, it may be possible to leave work in order to focus on these things.


How to manage your time.


There are 24 hours in each day. Sleep usually takes up eight of these, as does work or school. That leaves another eight hours of free time. How do you spend these leisure hours?


Most people spend them on leisure activities such as socialising or focusing on hobbies.


That is fine for those who aren’t going anywhere. But, if you want to get ahead in life you need to devote some time towards educating yourself.


Fill in the gaps that school leaves and develop skills that will help you get ahead.


Because, it is your life, and it is up to you what you do with it.


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How do you fit self-education into your daily schedule? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


Want to learn more?


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