What You’re Paying For When Employing A Buyer’s Agent.


When Nathan started out as a buyer’s agent about 12 years ago, there weren’t many others in the market. Nowadays, there are heaps more.


While some are cheaper than others, many aren’t worth the money you invest in them. And since they are the ones investing your money, it pays to employ a good one.


There’s a lot at stake when choosing a buyer’s agent.

If you needed legal advice, you would go to a lawyer – and not just any lawyer, but one who had adequate expertise in a relevant field.


When it comes to building a property portfolio, it makes sense to choose a buyer’s agent based on the expertise and knowledge they have of the property market.


True knowledge doesn’t come from a few years investing in a hot market. True knowledge comes from successful investing through all kinds of markets over a prolonged period.


When you choose a buyer’s agent, you are choosing to let someone else decide what to spend your money on. This is why it is important to use one who has a proven track record over the long term.


Nathan’s success speaks for itself.

After buying his first property when he was 18, Nathan Birch went on to build a portfolio of more than 200 properties by the time he hit his thirties.


At PIA, Nathan personally looks after his clients’ portfolios. He helps them strategize before finding the best types of properties at every step of the way.


He also uses his bargaining power to source properties that are below market value.


During the cooling off period, PIA helps clients to organise insurance, property management and the pest and building report. Nathan uses any opportunity he can to negotiate a lower price during this time.


Why get less than what you paid for?

If you really want to make money through property investing, don’t choose someone who is cheap – choose someone who is worth their fee.


While some BAs charge less than others, they may not offer the same level of service as their more expensive counterparts. They may not help with strategy, and they may not negotiate a low purchase price. 


In fact, some BAs may be good at talking BS – but not that good at putting their money where their mouth is. 

Have you used a BA to purchase an investment property? Please share your experiences in the comments section below.


I Want A Buyer’s Agent Who’s Worth My Money!