Maximise Your Property Portfolio

Chances are your property portfolio could be doing better.

Tight cash flow, trouble paying expenses, vacancies, poor capital growth or negative equity are all signs of a property portfolio in trouble.

But it doesn’t need to be this way!

We can help you overhaul your property portfolio from the foundations up – to create a money-making machine that will let you “live life on your terms”.

We provide aid and rescue property portfolios in crisis.

We do this by taking a holistic approach that focuses on what’s under the hood, and not just the properties themselves.

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What’s Needed In A High Performing Property Portfolio

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Our Property Portfolio Rescue Process

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Education & Assessment

Our focus is getting to understand your needs, challenges and what you want to achieve in the coming years.

We help guide you through the property investing journey to fill in any gaps in your property portfolio.

You’ll benefit from our vast experience gained of our 15,000+ property transactions.

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Property Optimisation

We’ll help you optimise your current property portfolio.

We can source new and existing investment grade properties to take your property portfolio to the next level.

We see property as a wealth vehicle to take you closer to your destination.

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Help You Purchase It

Once you decide on your property, we will remain by your side to guide you towards settlement.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ll be here to support you even after settlement date with our ongoing property concierge service.

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Our Client Success Stories

Kerwin and Anthea Plaatjies

“The information I got from b Invested at the map session was too valuable. It just changed everything…We should have done this 10 years earlier."

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David Brae

“b Invested has allowed me to follow my passion and travel. In the last two years of 2016, the income has allowed me and my partner to travel to China, Hawaii, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu and weekends to Victoria and the Gold Coast. This otherwise would not have been possible.”

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Dont F*ck Yourself


Find out how to avoid disasters by staying clear of some of the most common mistakes made by property investors.  Your property investment journey should open the door to financial freedom so you can:

  • Break free from your mundane routine.
  • Tick off those bucket list items.
  • Start living life on your terms.


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